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A big smile behind the mask

BMW coupe, with two doors, a lot of power: it sounds pretty good, even if it’s not six-cylinder. Of course, it’s pretty amazing, so anyone who doesn’t want to be noticed will never buy it and explain it because of the grid. Everyone who sits down once, on the other hand, realizes that it’s not just about aspects. The 430i is a living proof that there is something dormant in all of us that we may have been very oppressed about.

The other day I got a picture of Zsigmond Móricz Square in the eighties (more precisely on my monitor). Of course, it doesn’t move, but it’s not hard to imagine Zsiguli, who travels long distances, patient people, a beautiful tram that turns quietly. It was about 30-40 years ago, since then traffic has speeded up life properly and I don’t always think it’s that good. I don’t want to shed sentimental tears for those faint eastern vacancies, but sometimes I think with good nostalgia at a time when the 100-120 on the road was already a lot.

If you ask me, this is the normal proportion and coupon size. What’s bigger than that (6s, 8s) is already somehow an exaggeration, a 2 is too crowded. Click on the image to get a gallery.Source: Zoltán Vékey

Now, in 2021, it is conceivable that cars equipped with aggressive, spectacularly evil and turbocharged internal combustion engines could be sacrificed as early as the end of the decade. The future looks electric and for now the electric car looks much smoother (even in BMW service). So it could be that BMW’s latest coupe is the culmination of a world that will soon be gone. Because this 4 (which is the coupe version of the current 3, is only distorted to the extreme, so they don’t have much in common) it’s probably the most violent-looking Bavarian vehicle to date.

There is no frame for the window, it is a normal coupeSource: Zoltán Vékey

The shape is exciting, but what are rabbit teeth?

BMW is growing the kidneys on the grid in sync with the growing faces of motorists, which has also duly inspired meme artists lately. A couple of years ago we were scared by the huge grille of the X7, but that was nothing compared to when the fourth studio car was shown at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, which we then photographed well live. Although a significant portion of the cultural people protested at the time, the 4 ended up producing series without major changes, and yes, their beards to the ground remained.

Such was the study (concept 4) in 2019 and the apple did not fall even far from its treeSource: Origin

I think they did it directly, which proved to me as a central finger that yes, they can do it too and the car is still a “definitive driving machine”. And the standing audience applauded may not be London’s middle-aged bankers, but the famous young Chinese Insta, but times and customers change. Anyone who has been able to digest the principle (or even like it, because I’ve met one) won’t complain much, but the others shouldn’t give up hope, more tuning companies are already planning a para- more classic bumps and grille to remove rabbit teeth.

Technical Cousin 3 still has a traditional grille, while the coupe and convertible get big kidneys. Either you like it or …. well, you really don’tSource: Zoltán Vékey

Don’t even insist on the front, because the rest of the car is beautiful and sleek, you can observe the well-designed curves and bends for a long time. It should also be added that a coupe is fundamentally appreciated by the designer because it is not bound by the principles of practicality, it can be boldly flat, wide and evil. 477 centimeters, which means that it stretches for a long time on the asphalt, and it is well worth sacrificing it for the M package (plus 1 million forints), as it gives many small things that will make all this tan bangant. Perhaps the most advantageous profile is its vision with its vibrant roof line, exciting edges, even though the hockey stick motif has been transformed.

Can’t tie behind, the shape is beautiful. One change from its predecessor is that the rear windshield tilts even better and the side window line is raisedSource: Zoltán Vékey

Inside is a modern BMW and a classic

The interior shouldn’t come as a surprise, as that’s how all BMW cabins do a couple of years ago that I still felt a bit like: maybe it’s the light brown leather interior that makes it, but it takes a few minutes to breathe normally again. There is a wonderful M Sport seat that can be folded in many directions (plus 334 thousand forints), and the whole interior is very unified, BMW and ultramodern at the same time, this relationship can not be easily mixed. The materials don’t disappoint either, as metal, carbon and leather are most of the surfaces a person’s hands meet, the switches are heavy, it’s good to push them.

In presidential appearance and not even uncomfortable at the meeting. Cautiously, one arm also extends from pillar B and the belt extends after boarding, but the metal optics are misleading, made of plastic.Source: Zoltán Vékey

Of course, the back row is more symbolic, but for kids, a round trip to Lake Balaton can still go well. The boot has about 440 decent liters and the lid opens and closes electrically, though it shouldn’t reach above the chest when opened, so motorized movement is a luxury. The dashboard is obviously digital and can be customized in a fairly wide range, and the multi-generation iDrive running on the center screen can finally be used seamlessly (and studying the user guide).

The dashboard has been updated, but not all physical buttons have been removed. There is also a wireless charger, you can spend a lot of money on these extrasSource: Zoltán Vékey

There are also traditional buttons on board, so the air conditioning, seat heating and radio can still be adjusted without looking at it, thank God. It should also be mentioned that fingerprints should not be picked up on the touch screen either, as the central control dial of the entertainment system has also been maintained. I just had a problem, in principle I should manage my phone (Iphone) wirelessly using Carplay, but for some reason I had this feature: luckily, the traditional connection worked smoothly, so the music / telephony worked, just I didn’t know how to unpack Google Maps.

LED lights can be used to illuminate the entire interior, spectacularly at night. The air conditioning has separate switches and screensSource: Zoltán Vékey

Just a four-cylinder sports car, but bloody

I think BMW’s driving support system works best among current German premiums. It also helps you stay in the default lane and of course brake in an emergency, but with the dedicated steering wheel button you can arm all the existing aids: keep up the speed when you need to accelerate or even brake in a plug, change lanes when you can index and turn. You have to keep your hand behind the wheel because otherwise it will blink and make a sound, as it is not yet fully autonomous. Of course, a BMW coupe is not bought because you don’t have to drive, but just to be good at driving.

In addition to the Audi and Mercedes digital dashboards, only bronze medals in terms of visibility and readabilitySource: Zoltán Vékey

And that nothing happens. But what should condense the experience of making hundred-year-old cars, lined with 258 horsepower and spiced with a torque of 400 Nm? The packaging is, of course, misleading, the 30i brand already covers four two-liter turbocharged cylinders and while an in-line engine would obviously sound better, the artificial instrumentation was also pretty good here. I could also tell you about the M adaptive chassis (it can be comfortable or sporty; the latter makes it a concrete hard drive), the difference in the spreader, the half of the weight distribution between the front and rear axles, of variable change direction and many other technical products.

Lots of carbon and a little weird, but a quick-to-use shift lever has at least one, and not just a modern knob on the gear selectorSource: Zoltán Vékey

But neither of them makes any sense, just like in a package, packaged in such a fantastic machine. While I’ve drifted around the roundabouts, this rear-wheeled coupe surprisingly easily brings out the illegal hooligan even the softest father in the family. It is a pity that change can fall asleep and, if you suddenly suffer, it tends to be delayed. In Sport mode, or if you already have the feeling of going crazy, you are much more sensitive, but in a critical case (that is, you run into a cheerful owner of SL Merci at a red light), the weather of reflection of a second and a half is infinite.

Although it is not a classic duck tail, it looks very good. When stopped, the 430i accelerates to one hundred in 5.8 seconds, finishing at 250 km / hSource: Zoltán Vékey

Convertible or M4 are also available on request, of course in gold

The feeling of speed is amazing in it, the watch shows about 180 km / h smooth when you notice that it seems to go a little faster than necessary. I was just walking around the roundabout mentioned in the introduction, where I was bothered by many rumors until I looked at my watch; it would be nice to get it back a bit and think things through before a traffic jam arrives. For me, after starting a digit, the average consumption reached 12 liters, but I must add that I only switched to Eco Pro mode once for a few minutes, even by accident. How much would a six-wheeled BMW have eaten in the same way?

The rear hatch does not open with the glass, but the same goes for the Mustang Factback, for example. In this way, the cargo space is spacious and expandable, it simply does not fit into the furnitureSource: Zoltán Vékey

Basically, a selfish vehicle is a 4, because you are reluctant to carry more than two people, there is unnecessary force and aggression, but less rationality. So there is a reason to hate. If we look at it another way, he, on the other hand, is sincerely committed to putting the world’s problems from above, he wants nothing more than pleasure for the seat behind his government. This pleasure can be taken out of 15.25 million, that is, the price of the same 430i, which is greatly affected by millions if you start asking for extras, and you will end up exceeding 20. It could cut a lot at the price, of course, if the 420i lived up to the base model, but why would it be ascetic?

There is a supplement to the large laser lamp, which is also indicated with the blue inserts. The embarrassing artificial pistol finally disappeared from the front fenderSource: Zoltán Vékey

As a strange alternative, the 4 can also be ordered with a four-cylinder diesel (even combined with all-wheel drive), while the plug-in hybrid engine isn’t even integrated, but fans will prefer the six-cylinder M440i. Interestingly, the manual transmission is only available for the superior 480-horsepower M4 model, which costs 28.1 million forints (!), As long as we don’t stick to the competition version or the true convertible eye magnet. Unfortunately, it should be seen that a well-configured test car with a 430i that looks like a golden half, BMW, along with the dividing nose, can be quickly added to the wish list.

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