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Again, the forced update of Windows 10 – News


Microsoft will start upgrading the computers running version 1803, version 1803, released for 14 months, in the latest version, updated in May 1909 1903.

– We begin to install Windows on May 10, 2019 Update of devices that have an operating system that will approach the end of the support period, as it can be read in the software provider's ad maintain Updated these PCs for critical security and keep the ecosystem in good condition. The support period for Windows 10, version 1803, published on April 30, ends on November 12.

Although Microsoft now allows users to defer the installation of feature updates for a specified period of time, it does not allow computers running non-compatible versions to be, without major security updates. With regard to security, which is close to the end of the support period, it will begin to force PCs that use the old version of the operating system to be updated. And from April 2018, according to data from AdDuplex, at the end of June, 58% of Windows 10 computers were, it is time to start updating this huge amount of machine. This action affects Home and Pro versions.

This also means that, due to the large number of computers that still work with version 1803, Microsoft omits version 1809 of the problem of last fall, which had to be recovered due to a loss error of data, and immediately update the PC to the latest version. -Dos.

It is not known when a PC with Microsoft Windows 10 or Pro 1803 will be updated by Microsoft, but it is true that the machines that are considered compatible with the software provider will first appear on the list. A hardware problem that does not recommend updating to avoid further inconvenience. Microsoft is one for this purpose It has compiled compatibility issues for version 1903.

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