Sunday , June 26 2022

Alba Fehrvr won the fourth match at the European Championship


Alba Fehrvr hzigazdaknt great 72-70 winner defeated Porto's Porto team on Tuesday in the FA Cup basketball group of the Eurpa Cup group in the fourth round, and got an infinite mr. Falco KC Szombathely missed Szolnoka Olajtlla several times.

Szekszalos szekesfehrvriak won Porta in the first half in the first half, and then was great Rilszki Szportist and Italian Vareth beat.

On Tuesday, Giuseppe Braniszlava's team was up to 12 points on the big mud, but his death was very good, and he was able to turn it around.

On Wednesday, Fehrvr will be a Riley sportsman.

Frfi kosrlabda EC, Round 4, Group F:
Alba Fehrvr-Porto (Portugal) 72:70 (18-21, 18-27, 17-10, 19-12)

Alba Fehrvr also won the fourth match at the European Basketball ChampionshipForrs: Alba Fehrvr / Facebook

Amg in the first round, Vasiak was all three points, while in the last four rounds, domestic gas received 17 points.

The Tysa teams are 3-1, and Sombathelii will finish at 1-3 in the morning, when the Italian Sassari Bachelor gets the first, and the English Leicester Riders Wedge will be on Wednesday.

Frfi Basketball Eurpa Cup, Round 4, Group H:
Falco-Vulcano Energi KC Szombathely – Szolnok oil 66-83 (15-23, 17-21, 16-21, 18-18)

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