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another drama, the Germans are delighted with the French finals of four


In the end, but not least, Dutch national teams entered the finals of the National League of Portugal in Portugal, while they finished with 2-2 in the final match of group A in group A, 2-2 in the home of the Germans, surpassing the French.

The Dutch team fought in the 90th final of the 90th minute (Photo: AFP)


League of Nations
Germany-Netherlands 2-2 (Verner 9, L. Sane 19 and Promes 85, Van Dijk 90)


Earlier it was decided that a Portuguese a national team that will enter the first round of the League of Nations, and even do it in Portugal.

On Saturday he was an interpreter against the Croats british, as well as against the Belgians, who were in a well-deserved state (in the first place they were at least 0-2, in the end it is almost, and even the fifth hit!) Swiss he could join the "fourth" field.

The fourth place is this year's world champion of France and the Netherlands, and the balance language was the World Champion in Germany for 2014. The formula was simple: if the Germans returned, then the French will be happy if they are goalkeepers, they are.

Sane increased German advantage in 19 minutes, but turned out to be too small (Photo: AFP)


In the match, the Germans went well, compared to the end Verner in the 9th minute, the lower right corner was started at 22 meters (1-0). With a little exaggeration, guests could not even touch their opponents when the second fast counter attack reasonable he found line 16 in the lower left corner (2-0).

The RB Leipzig striker broke through a long series of striking strikes, after 751 minutes again in the national team.

The Dutch darts were not lucky in the first half – Related news Raimond van Barneveld announced his retirement.

Dartsnieuvs on Twitter

PHOTO: Van Gerven, Van Barneveld and Van der Voort gespot bij Duitsland – The Netherlands https: //

In the 34th minute Sula made a mild leap towards Neuert, Blind put his head in his left hand, almost confident.

Although Schulz left the ball, Gnabri was in danger, but the injured hand left the left side of the goal.

Goals for the first half

Ronald Koeman tried to avoid the band releasing the Hertha BSC in the break, almost immediately after the middle of the start, and after a home-kick, Verner defeated Cillessen.

56 minutes had to wait for the first shot of the Dutch goalkeeper, but Promes's attempt was not a problem for Neuer.

After a one-day game, Verner jumped and fired at the door, closing his game, then Reus entered, then Tomas Muller, who celebrated the 100th culmination, entered and hosted Dilrosun at the same time, who could not continue due to injury.

Muller is the 15th German player with 100 qualifying rounds

OptaFranz on Twitter

100 – @ esmuellert_ earns his 100th lid for @ DFB_Team_EN today – he is the 15th player to reach this landmark. Tipping point. # GERNED

Depai tried to break the ice in the boat, but he could not shoot Neuer's foot in a short corner, but in the 85th minute ice broke, Promes He turned 17 meters and shot to the left (2-1).

In the 90th minute, there came a drama! Kehrer was in excellent condition a few minutes earlier, leaving the Dutch hope to stay, and if so, has Duck balanced at the last minute (2-2) so the Dutch can prepare for the fourth finals!

Drama Dutch to leave

Thursday, September 6th
Germany-France 0-0
September 9, Sunday
France-Netherlands 2-1
October 13, Saturday
Netherlands-Germany 3-0
October 16, Tuesday
France-Germany 2-1
November 16, Friday
Netherlands-France 2-0

1. The Netherlands 4 2 1 1 8-4 +4 7
2. France 4 2 1 1 4-4 0 7
3. Germany 4 2 2 3-7 -4 2

Switzerland-Belgium 5-2 (R. Rodriguez from 26 to 11, Seferovic 31, 44, 84, Elvis 62 and Th. Hazard 2, 17)

1. Switzerland 4 3 1 14- 5 +9 9
2. Belgium 4 3 1 9-6 +3 9
3. Iceland 4 4 1-13 -12 0

November 20th on Tuesday
20.45: Portugal-Poland

1. Portugalia 3
2 1
4-2 + 2 7
2. Italy 4 1 2 1 2-2 0 5
3. Poland 3 1 2 3-5 -2 1

England-Croatia 2-1
(Lingard 78, Kane 85 and Kramarić 57)

1. England 4 2 1 1 6- 5 + 1 7
2. Spain 4 2 2 12-7 +5 6
3. Croatia 4 1 1 2 4-10 -6 4

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