The Minister of Human Resources made another video.

Coronavirus: the second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese authorities reported the emergence of a new virus that was spreading rapidly to the WHO. Since then, there has been almost no person in the world who has not heard the term Covid19 and more and more people are mourning the family member or friend with whom the new disease ended while stocks collapsed in weeks. and the epidemic rewrote our whole lives. By now, the vaccines have already been completed, which in turn raises not only hope, but also many questions, while not only stopping the virus, but also endangering another mutation. You will find the details of this fight in our series of articles.

Hungary has ordered vaccination against coronavirus infection at several vaccination companies and epidemiological measures will be maintained until the population is vaccinated, the human resources minister said in a recent video series titled Near Life. He says that level is “about 50 percent or higher.”

As for the allegations about the organization of the vaccination system, Miklós Kásler said he would like to reassure everyone that the Hungarian vaccination system has developed based on the pace of vaccine arrival. As soon as you arrive in Hungary, healthcare will be available very quickly and organized.

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