According to press reports, a runaway trailer wrecked a man in the Corvin neighborhood and resulted in serious injuries.

A fatal accident occurred on Friday during the renovation of metro 3 in Budapest, at the Corvin district stop.

According to Origo, a runaway trailer ran over a man who had lost his life. They know that another man was seriously injured, who was in the trailer at the time of the accident.

According to the announcement of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK), at 13.59 hours. The man suffered such serious injuries that he lost his life on the spot.

BRFK, with the participation of experts, initiated criminal proceedings against an unknown perpetrator for endangering rail traffic.

BKV Zrt claimed that the accident took place in the work area of ​​the contractor carrying out the renovation, using the contractor’s tools, and that the contractor’s employees were also injured. The company expressed its sympathy and condolences to those concerned and their families.

According to his statement, the circumstances of the fatal accident are still being investigated. Detailed information on what happened was later promised.

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