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BL: It no longer makes sense to deal with the final in Kiev: Zidane

In the quarter-finals of this season’s Football Champions League season, the two main players in the 2018 final, Real Madrid and Liverpool, will face off on the first day of play.

An element of real success may be how Karim Benzema will cover the ball (Photo: AFP)


Diogo Jota, Liverpool striker
“We have a tough battle ahead of Real Madrid, but we are working hard and doing our best to get into the top four. This weekend’s victory against Arsenal has been good for our confidence and it is important that we have been able to beat the Londoner without a goal “.

The past does not matter. Of the duel between Real Madrid and Liverpool, most immediately remember the final of the BL in Ukraine in 2018, which the Spaniards won 3-1. Gareth Bale scored a memorable scissor goal, Mohamed Salah was injured after half an hour and English goalkeeper Loris Karius made a big mistake twice. It was an event-rich ending, but almost everyone agrees that much has changed in the next three years since then. At the very least, Bale, Karius and the injured Sergio Ramos, the protagonists of the time, will not be on the field on Tuesday night, nor will Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mohamed Salah recently gave an interview to Marca in which he stressed that the English have since won the Premier League and the Champions League to be able to enter the quarter-finals as blood champions, inflated with confidence.

Zinédine Zidane, Real Madrid coach
“We know how strong and effective Liverpool’s line of strikers is and I’m sure they can also replace the injured defenders. It will be a difficult match, and it no longer makes sense to deal with the final in Kiev. both teams have changed a lot since then ”.

“You’re absolutely right, Cristiano Ronaldo has left us since then and they have become champions – that’s an important factor, but we still have a competitive team and we hope the match is in good shape.He cited the Ace Nachót, 22 times defender of the Spanish team of Real Madrid. – At the same time, I’m sure Liverpool footballers are warmed by the desire to retaliate. We trust ourselves, but we have to be careful because the English offensive line is very dangerous, one of the strongest in the world. In these clashes, however, the most important thing is not to prepare individually from the opponent’s players, it is much more important to be mentally superior. It doesn’t matter if I have to stop Roberto Firmino or Diogo Jota. The most important thing is to be strong in my head and focus as much as possible on the game. “

Of Liverpool’s strikers, Mohamed Salah could be the biggest threat to Madrid’s gates. The Egyptian striker has 18 goals in the league, five in the BL, two of which he scored in the round of 16 against Leipzig, two with a 2-0 success. He also paid for the first act of the quarter-finals in great form on Saturday at home to Arsenal, who won 3-0 at home. The same can be said of Diogo Jota, who doubles against the Londoners, who also had a good performance in Portuguese colors during the break of the selection.

Nor should it be forgotten that Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip will also be missing from the English defense due to injury, which could make Karim Benzema’s job easier. The French striker has scored in the last six betting matches, scoring a total of nine goals and making a particularly good result against Liverpool. The French striker scored in each of the three games against him so far: the 2014-2015 season, he doubled in the group stage (3-0), scored a winning goal at home (1-0) and in the The 2018 final scored the first goal. According to the news, it is conceivable that Eden Hazard, who is recovering from his injury, may also have a chance to play the match. It would also be important for Real Madrid to get a good result on Tuesday night because the Clásico will face Barcelona this weekend and it doesn’t matter at all what mood the players will be able to prepare for the highest classification against the Catalans. .

Tuesday, April 6:
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