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Blonde Alex won a great battle and reached the World Cup final –


At the Tokyo Olympics, Fifth Blonde Alex defeated American G’Angelo Hancock in the semifinals of the 97 kg category of the team tied in a big battle on Friday’s World Championship in Oslo Wrestling, reaching the finals from Saturday night. Tamás Lévai was under 77 kg in Friday’s bronze match against fifth-placed Mohammadali Geraei of Tokyo.

Alex Rossa is in the final (Photo: Károly Árvai – archive)


Our Rio Olympian world champion, the “big old” Balázs Kiss, did not speak on the air when, after the qualifying competitions in Tokyo, Alex Szőke, who overtook him for the qualifying exit, said that 97 kilos would be in very good hands. Our young titan proved it already in the summer: at only 21 years old, in the first Olympic Games of his life, he went to the bronze match with a great fight and there the medal was only omitted, perhaps by the merit of the warmth of the young.

But if it has already happened, it will also make his first world championship for adults memorable: this finding will certainly be regardless of what happened on Saturday.

ESMTK’s young excellence didn’t even stop until Friday’s finals – among the four, he was also able to beat American Tracy Hancock!

Although this match was already very hot, it was not the first time that Blonde showed her maturity and composure that belied her age. In the semifinals, the Hungarian boy was agitated for the first time and Hancock made the turn below (3: 0), but Szőke could not do the same in the opposite situation and after the challenge of the captain to the federal captain Peter Peter , the American was 4 years old: he led to 1.

From there, the blonde went at a tremendous pace, Hancock finished completely with his strength for the last minute and a half: the Hungarian driver was expelled first, then the Americans were sent back and , at that moment, the well-known turn had come. With 4: 4, the Hungarian action was good with the last action, Alex Szőke also turned the rest of the time, so that after the fifth place in Tokyo, he can immediately fight his Iranian opponent in the first Cup of the Adult World. Saturday night: never a worse debut.

If in the case of Alex Szőke we said that the 97 kilograms will be in good hands, it seems that we can do the same with the 77 kilograms, in relation to the legacy of Tamás Lőrincz.

Like Blonde, she is the junior European champion Tamás Lévai he was also able to fight for his medal in his first world adult championships, he was only bronze – he should have won the fifth Olympic game Mohammadali Gerae in Tokyo.

We also know him well: in Tokyo, Tamás Lőrincz fought his semifinals, which he later described as the toughest match of his career with noble simplicity, adding that he believes this Iranian boy is currently one of the best fighters in the world. . Geraei also proved it: he closed out the game in two minutes with two four-point shots to take his place in any sports training video. Tamás Lévai closed his first “big” World Cup as a fifth. BHSE’s hopes could not hide its despair after the bronze match that ended prematurely, although there were no reasons for tears: Tamás Lőrincz, who retired as Olympic, world and European champion with 15 medals of the World Championship in his pocket, he said he had a unique race against him., It is not shameful to catch him at 22 years old. At the same time, Geraei also made an examination of (human) humanity: to be honest, before the celebration he hurried to console the young Hungarian.

It seems to be Iranian-Hungarian days: László Szabó also fought Iran for third place among the 82 kilograms.

However, the bronze medalist of the World Cup and the European Championship in Újpest did not get another medal in his collection this time: Pedzsman Postam proved to be 4: 0 better than the Hungarian competitor. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the match had disappeared at first: there was the usual habit after the start, but on Saturday, Szabó, who left for the consoled bronze match, missed a moment, Postam beat and took off in 13 seconds (2: 0). Although our 82-pound strike still defended a ground situation well, the Iranian team closed out the game 4-0 in the second round with a start, so the balance of the Hungarians on Friday changed to two points. , finishing in fifth place (crowned, of course, with Alex Szőke in the brilliant final).

97 kg: Alex red –
G’Angelo Hancock (American) 4: 4

77 kg:
Mohammadali Geraei (Iran) –Tamás Lévai 9: 0, technical ink
82 kg:
Pesman Postam (Iran) –László Szabó 4: 0

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