Sunday , May 16 2021

Both Orbán really liked the match against the Estonians

"It was the most sensational career match: my first domestic match in the national team, my family was here and I managed to help the team, but that was perfect this time" – Villi Orban is the defender of the Hungarian national team who won the first match in his own the third game in the national team in a 2-0 win over the Estonians at Groupama Arena in Budapest. He said that the team had good performance, controlled the conflict in ninety minutes and made it hard for the opponent to get out, and they deserved this success.

Recalling the result, he pointed out the famous Kalmar Zsolt, who was previously a teammate in Leipzig and knew he was making a real kick.

Captain of the team, Balazs Dzsudzsak, who returned to the team, said that it was very bad in the last two months to live in order to go through the television outside.

"I will tell you honestly that I'm excited and I'm glad I can live again in a shocking feeling that I will be a team again." He said everything went well, and the result was that it was easier to get 1-0.

"I reassessed again how much it is and how much the person has got used to ten years. I am grateful that I spent so many years and field games, I always went through the fire for that."

In the fifth year, Dennis Dibusz had to defend his defense from the corner of the Estonians.

"Without this match, it would not be that way. He thanked God for his work and worked day after day," said Peter Peter, the day before the game with a viral stomach drowsiness.

He also said that his 97th national performance is already the third in an evergreen race with Zoltan Ger. He acknowledged that on Thursday morning he had warned a former convener who worked as a staff member to come to him.

Adam Szalai, who scored the second goal, believed that their work functioned well, and especially in the second half, after the Estonian predictions managed to collect the ball, the defense worked well, so they could create more situations.

"Before the first corner Dennis picked up, we held the match, which will have a greater significance and real value for this success if we can get Fince on Sunday. I invest all my energy in winning two home matches," he said.

Hungarians are already a sure winner in the group, so Finci will finish at 20.45 in Arena Arena on Sunday. (MTI)


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