Monday , September 26 2022

Ferenc Szonii won the Ironman race in Nev Orlyans


Hungarian Ferenc Szonii won the ten-day Irish race in Nev Orleans, Decamano USA, in the United States. In this race, beginners have about 38 kilometers of swimming, 1800 kilometers of bikes and 10 marathon runners, or 420 kilometers of running, waiting and practically stopping.

Ferenc Szonii, the Hungarian ironman or, as his fans call him, Racemachine did not disappoint, he was the first to hit the American race with a huge advantage, Blikk announced. Swimming was finished in the second half of the field of 16 places and the third was on the bike, running after the first marathon in the ride, and later increasing its advantage. He spent almost complete running in just over 222 hours.

The incredible performance of Ferenc SzoniiSource: HELL Energi

competition did not take place under the most optimal conditions: that the temperature rose to only 5 degrees, to cut the wind and high precipitation, following a collision that had to be interrupted once because of the weird conditions.

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