Friday , September 24 2021

Four employees of the construction department of the Pest County government office were arrested

Several employees of the department of construction and heritage protection of the government office of Pest County have been arrested – was reported Népszava. In the case, the Budapest Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation against a senior government office official who was suspected of “failing to perform his duties to advantage.” The prosecution has launched an investigation “on the crime of accepting commercial bribery and other crimes” – reported Nepsezava Katalin Kovács, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office for Central Investigation.

The investigating authority has so far questioned four people as suspects in the proceedings. Based on the motion of the Budapest Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office, the court ordered the arrest of all the suspects. However, no additional information was provided on the effectiveness of the criminal proceedings.

The page revives: a Richard Tarnai The Pest County Government Office, headed by Pest County, is involved in the process of authorizing several major public investments, after the dissolution of the National Inspectorate of Environment and Nature Protection has entrusted them with secondary tasks. of environmental protection. During the transformation of the administrative system of organization, the Erd district office of the Pest county government office was designated as the nature conservation authority of Budapest. Although some cases of logging have been referred to the government office in the capital, which Anikó costa directed by the Department of Construction. According to the newspaper

Anikó Kosztyu issued the logging permit for Kossuth Square, the tidal pool, Városliget and Orczy Park, among others. The statue of Mihály Károlyi and later Imre Nagy was also taken at dawn with the permission of the 5th District Government Office.

Anikó Kosztyu and Richard Tarnai were also entrusted with the museum district license. In 2017, Richárd Tarnai highlighted the Liget project and the Paks II project when he took on the nature conservation tasks of the General Inspectorate. for which they have to carry out certain official procedures. According to him, the Liget project “is good for the city and for the people.” According to the newspaper, Richard Tarnai does not hide his political views. Before the 2019 municipal elections, he posted on his Facebook page:

We cannot trust the future in those who ruined the country. (…) Now on Sunday, let’s vote for the Fidesz candidates!

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