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Goulash: 2400 babies needed support


Gulyás Gergely, Prime Minister and Prime Minister István Hollik, will hold the 139th press conference of the government on Thursday.

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In mid-month, until July 15, 2400 claimed support for babies – Gulyás Gergely, Prime Minister, told the press conference on Thursday in Budapest.

It was reported that 5700 support applications were submitted for the purchase of large family cars, while 703 were requested before July 10.

Gulyás Gergely announced that there was still a strong interest in programs launched on July 1.

It will not be possible to import sewage sludge from abroad

The Hungarian authorities will not allow the importation of foreign sewage sludge in the future, the minister said.

Goulás Gulyás said that the Hungarian government is close to protecting the environment and does not ask for "another laundry", so it decided that the Hungarian water sludge would be sufficient for Hungarian agricultural land, so that no there is a need to import sewage sludge to foreigners.

He added that a review of related licenses would begin.

According to the minister, the ban is not possible due to the EU principle of free movement of goods.

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