Monday , April 12 2021

Gyurcsányi resigned, Budafok, conducted by Fidesz, received the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra

After Mayor Péter Niedermüller, DK, unloaded the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra from the local power plant house due to a political cadre, the Fidesz-led Budafok officially received them on Thursday. Nándor Beke Farkas, the group’s chairman, thanked Mayor Ferenc Karsay at the joint press conference of the local government and the band.

The 100-member Gypsy Orchestra said goodbye Thursday at the Erzsébetváros rehearsal site.

As is well known, the Hongaricum Heritage and Hungaricum Award-winning ensemble Péter Niedermüller, took to the streets at the discretion of the mayor of DK. István Bajkai In an interview with the Hungarian nation, the representative of the Fidesz district assessed the move as

Ferenc Gyurcsány destroys the VII. cultural life of the district.He opposed the establishment of a left-wing cadre training center and a party school in the Wesselényi Street building, from which the internationally acclaimed 100 members of the Gypsy Orchestra and the Jewish-themed Weekly TV, unique in Europe.

It is by no means coincidental that the band rehearsed at the local Powerhouse for twelve years. It seems that this did not affect the leadership of the left so much: the world-famous band was distributed without any prior information. That Beke Farkas to Nándor, is known from the previous statement of the president of the band: he said that he was only informed of the decision of the news, that no one had informed him before.

It looks like the 100-member gypsy gang has found a new home.

Karsay Ferenc, Fidesz leader Budafok said on Sunday in a statement that he would receive the set, asking for the support of MPs. The pro-government politician announced on Tuesday that he had personally introduced Beke Farkas to Nandor for the places the district could offer, but no agreement has yet been reached.

Shortly afterwards, the local government objected in a statement that left-wing parties did not support the initiative. As they wrote, representatives of Jobbik, Momentum, DK and the Association for the South of Buddha justified their position by saying that “it is not intended to intervene in this way in the internal affairs of another local government or capital district.”

On Thursday, the band left Erzsébetváros and moved to Budafok Anna Szepesfalvy from the register of the Deputy Mayor of Fidesz. The township greeted the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra in front of the local Clause House at a press conference.

Nándor Beke Farkas appreciated the opportunity and, as he said, it was not decided that they would stay. “I made a promise to the mayor: whether we stay or not, we’ll do a Thanksgiving concert, a thanksgiving concert.” said the well-known musician.

Remaining is an undecided fact, as yesterday in an interview with Blikk, István Bajkai talked about doing everything he could to get the band going to the seventh district. “Most musicians live in or near the district, so in the long run it’s not a good solution to go rehearse in the other half of the city. I’m also negotiating with several state-owned companies, institutions and responsible leaders, trying to help “, said the pro-government politician.

Whatever the final solution, it is true that the 100-member gypsy band will find a new home.

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