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He didn’t have enough football World Cup gold to be a football player

As usual, the sport was completed in Hungary with the help of the athlete. On an unusual holiday that was very different from the usual ones, the best was rewarded again. and, as always, this generated controversy.

I myself have sent my cheese order and I have an opinion on the result of the cathedrals. But apparently no one cares about this beauty. Instead of expressing my opinion, I looked at the results of a similar vote of the major sporting powers. I focused not only on this year’s vote, but also on the rkl list. and, apart from the situation of football in general, in light of the fact that football players were provided with us in 2020. The most interesting image in this sense is shown by the FRG, which is constantly in the international arena of football.

In the 1947 FRG he voted for the best sport and in 1957 he voted for the best team. The most amazing thing is that he never became a football player in the sport v. However, in 1947, the FRG won four world championship titles, a European chrome champion and a German club team sent the BEK / BL chalice eight times. and mg is a rare football player in the first chrome.

Fritz Walter, player of the world champion of Kaiserslautern in 1954. He won a world championship by mistake and could not be the best male athlete in the FRGLinings: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / worldwide use, worldwide use / Schlosser

The legend of the 1954 world champion team, Fritz Walter, was third in the 1940s twice and second in the “Bern miracle”, preceded by a sprinter named Heinz Ftterer at the time. If Walter took this game seriously, what would he have thought of this dntsrl?

Heinz Ftterer, who won two gold medals at the 1954 European Athletics Championships, became the best male athlete in the FRG that year.Forrs: Picture-Alliance via AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Frankhoermann / Sven Simon

He became the third football player in 1961, then Max Morlock, who scored the szpt glt against Hungary in the 54th dnt. The greatness of Fritz Walter and Morlock is that only from these two footballers was a serious stadium named in Germany. Radsul is the Max Morlock train in Nuremberg and the Kaiserslauterni on Fritz Walter Street. His sport, however, did not become any of the immortal footballers.

Neither does Franz Beckenbauer! When he became European champion in 1972, the undefeated footballer who played in Germany became the best chrome, and in 1974 he was only the third captain of Bayern Munich. Although the former won the BEK, the latter won a world championship title. Gymnast Eberhard Gienger and Peter Nocke hit him at a time when there were no Olympics. In 1976, Kaiser Franz won the 100th place in the European Championship and won the BEK for the third time in a row at Bayernnel. He was followed by a rider and a rider. But it was the lowest Olympic sun.

Gregor Braun (center) became the two-time Olympic round sports champion in 1976 in the FRGLinings: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / worldwide use / Roland Witschel

For the second time in a row in the 1980s, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge only took third place in the championship, Guido Kratschmer and National11 captain Lothar Matthus, who won third gold at the World Cup, were only second to one driver . But at least the country’s biggest favorite is tennis player Boris Becker, who became the FRG athlete for the fourth time.

So far, that is, until 1990, the divided country has also voted the best in the eastern half. There he became a football player in his sport! In 1964, Klaus Urbanczyk, a graduate of FC Chemie in Halle. We don’t consider it the best football in GDR history, it barely tracks West Germany.

Sepp Maier (middle), Franz Beckenbauer (right) and Gerd Mller (left, that is, the legend of the German football team is a photon.Forrs: Picture-Alliance via AFP / worldwide use / Sven Simon

The reunited German football blogger made a mistake at the 92nd World Cup and won a gold medal in the 96th, and the best chrome football players didn’t get into those laps either. This can be attributed to the fact that the GDR was primarily one of the world’s sports and, in the 1990s, there were active (and successful) adults competing in it. m drive back Germany so far 30 footballers in the history of children’s history twice the best chrome in this vote. Oliver Kahn was second (Erik Zabel, cyclist) in 2001, when he won the Champions League for Bayern almost individually, and Miroslav Klose third in 2006 (Michael Greis, biathlete and Michael Schumacher, Formula 1 driver). During the new victories of Bayern BL and the victory of the 2014 World Cup over Germany, the footballer was not the best chrome.

Leon Draisaitl was also the best athlete in GermanyForrs: AFP / 2020 Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Due to the last vote for hockey player Leon Draisaitl, triathlete Johannes Vetter and triathlete Jan Frodeno, the historic line was not completed with 100% performance. Leon Goretzka. In other countries, however, Bayern’s performance was achieved in 2020, as in Poland Robert Lewandowski became the athlete and more: Alphonso Davies became the country of origin. It is in this course that Bayern’s left-wing party in Canada has won this title. In shazj hockey, where many people don’t even know how to kick or throw the ball in European football. After this world, Davies became the best in Canada, for example. Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby.

Alphonso Davies is one of the most important players of Bayern Munich, Canada became the best male athlete in 2020Forrs: AFP / Franck Fife

In other words, in the Bundesliga strikes are not played as much as in Germany. Fortunately, in 1957 you can also vote for the best team there is, and here the competition of footballers is lower.

The FRG football team became his team ten times and, in the victory of the 1972 European Championship, the hockey player was chosen the best. What is surprising, however, is that Bayern, a six-time BEK / BL winner, have only become team v four times (the first in 1967 due to KEK’s victory), as many times as the team of hockey. In the 1974 BEK victory, it was logical that the world champion would be preceded by a football team, today the BEK’s ’75 ‘and ’76 victory line has not been voted in the front row. In 1975 the Mnchengladbach football team became the best, in 1976 the plyakerkpr team. On the occasion of the triumph of the Chrome Champions League, Bayern awarded him the virtuoso title.

In 1972 he was not the FRG football blogger European champion, but the hockey team that became the first athlete to choose.Forrs: Sputnik via AFP / RIA Novosti / Donskoy Dmitryi

Hamburger SV, which won the BEK in 1983, and Borussia Dortmund, which won the BL in 1997, did not win in the first three years.

In addition to betting and Bayern, the other MS football teams also became the best in the FRG: Borussia Dortmund (1957, 1995, 2011), Nrnberg (1961), Borussia Mnchengladbach (1971, 1975). ) and the Kaiserslautern (1991, 1998). We can’t explain it even if the people are there (i.e. maybe the votes)!

Kaiserslautern risi surprisingly won the Bundeslig championship in 1998. They also voted for the team vForrs: Getty Images

In the GDR, it was voted the best team for thirty years, becoming the first football team on three occasions, and twice the so-called “Olympic team”, which was a typical socialist team because the countries with championships officially professionals did not know much to do. with an Olympic football tower highly respected by Eastern footballers (and sports politicians). Apart from them, the club’s teams were also the best: Empor Rostock (1961), Dynamo Dresden (1973) and FC Magdeburg (1974).

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