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He played the video game until dawn, so Barca did not go for training


We wrote about this Ousmane Dembeleand Barca has 115 million players. He recently did not appear in the team's training and did not inform anyone of his absence, and later said that his stomach was injured and that he stayed home.

However, the club checked with his doctor and found that he had nothing to do with it, writes Mundo Deportivo.

According to Spanish news, Dembi and his friends in the video game night, he forgot to set the alarm clock so he did not get up in time. In Barca they believe that a video game of an unconstitutional attack could be controversial, and Catalan Sport is already writing that it will even be able to continue during the summer. He has an ultimatum to prove to the leaders, otherwise he flies from the team.

Luis SuarezAt a press conference, a Barcelona striker placed a friendly match between France and Uruguay on the behavior of his newcomer who said he was not talking about problems with the team, simply Dembel did not seriously grasp football.

Recognized to be a footballer, Ousmanen also needs to focus more, and sometimes he has to behave more seriously

– quotes Suarez says 21-year-old Frenchman deserves to be Barca player.

In the summer of 2017 Dembel certified Dortmund in Barcelona, ​​who paid 115 million euros, but with various bonuses up to 150 million euros. It was difficult for the Barcelona team to break up and leave for four months. In his first season, he played a total of 23 matches, with four goals and eight goals. In the current season he has two goals and six assists in 15 matches.

Dembel is now with the national team of France, the last time he played for the Dutch League 2-0 in the League of Nations.

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