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Hungary and Poland


The Soviet Pter priest and priest gave Poland's independence to the recruits on Tuesday, and said that the Order of the Polish Order was handed over by the Commander of the Communist Party command.

Szilaj Pter, a priest and priest of the Polish nation's independence, recalled an occasional statement on Tuesday in Budapest. Here he said that

Hungary and Poland are on the market today, and the country of origin has always been able to compile one piece of equipment for tmogats.

At the event Order of the Order of the Polish Order was received by Justice Minister Trenceni Laszlo and Chief of Staff Tarls Istvn.

At the event held at the Memorial Museum, Zsolt Nmeth, a senior provincial council officer, Hrcsik Richrd, commander of the Euribase crown, received a knight.

Hungarians and Poles know what it means to fight a free order so that they can gain freedom, and that's why we insist on all the criticisms

said Szijjrt Pter, a priest and ministers of priests, in disgust.

I am a nation that has often fought for freedom, which is less than a struggle with freedom of free war, which judges are at liberty and represent a truly free people. Smindez Polish is true a priest who fled from Poland to Poland, and the Hungarians were always drawn from the Poles.

Sister Pter, the clergyman and clergyman, tells the independent nation of the Polish nation to be recruited at Szpmveti Museum on November 13, 2018.Forrs: MTI / Attila

Hungary and Poland are similar today. Those who want to join forces with Eurasian people who want to change their minds to Europe are those who want to push Eurpt into the post-war post-war period, as well as those who like to forget our national identity, their cultural and cultural traditions. But we're against it

said the priest. Jerzy Snopek, a Polish politician in Budapest, said that every Euphonian knows that it was time to end the First World War, and the terrible war had some positive political consequences and many others.

Jerzy Snopek speaks Polish Polish Independence Minister as a regrute at a ceremony at the Museum of the Population.Forrs: MTI / Attila

The Polish diplomat recalled that after the first general elections, the Poles came to see the momentum of the Trsadale looting and the structure of Lamia.
This was influenced by the Second World War, and then the Great Powers of War led the kzp-eurp countries into the hardest nations.We are deployed on 45 sovereign ruling sovereignty – said Jerzy Snopek, who emphasized that due to these bad experiences, they still have cheese to be sovereign. He noted that Hungarian-Polish economic relations are close, and the relationship between science, education and culture is growing. As you said, famous Polish colleagues, who achieved the highest rank in the Hungarian-Polish relations.

In Poland, Independence Day is the largest national. I am sorry that Poland in the New World War was rebuilt in November 1918, after dividing 123 v. Independent Poland has landed since November 11 when Jsef Pilsudski, who was rescued from his home in Warsaw, arrived in Warsaw, Warsaw.

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