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Index – Culture – His colleagues say goodbye to József Sas

God rest, Jóska!

This is what comedian Tibor Aradi wrote on his community page about the death of József Sas, who died at the age of 82, and then shared a video he introduced with these words:

I miss today’s photo series because I would be reluctant to share anything about myself that day. On the other hand, I have to fulfill a wish, because unfortunately it has come into force today. Only Jóska was the comedian who not only loved him, he even asked that if we parodied him, we would not save him. We show you how we see him because he loved to laugh at himself. He called me aside before his 70th birthday and said, “There will be a conference on the microscope for my birthday! Write some musical song about me, but don’t save it because you know me. Well, I wrote. He loved it, as shown in the video. A few years later, before a performance at the Nest Club, he said, “I saw on YouTube what you sang about my birthday. I looked at it ten times in a row. If I die, remember me not with some sad stupid recording, but with that! Well, remember, Jóska, and I promise I will try to laugh in the meantime, as you asked! Ui .: Of course, I turned off ads during the video and it stays that way.

József Varga, comedian, also says goodbye to József Sas with a video. On your social page, type:

I DON’T BELIEVE! My fortune! I looked at the old photos a couple of days ago and there was a couple where I was the only live actor. Then came those on whom you are the central figure. Your life statement radiated from it, it was good to say yes, these few images are not the past. Rest assured that this is just a stupid joke and that the press is wrong. If not, rest in peace, we will remember you forever!

In memoriam József Sas … There are many stories and talents about him. Like the leaves of a storm, they now run through my head at once. The theater, which no longer exists, the companions, many of whom are no longer here, and of course The Józsi … It was one of our usual songs in 2003. Jóska loved it because it was an “easy role” , “you don’t have to do anything, you just have to be there.”

His partner, Péter Beregi, told Blikk

missing was the last theatrical man with whom political cabaret ceased to exist, which was a struggle for a solid vision, democracy. Józsi was a very special man with the affirmation of life, he gave a lot of energy to people, he kept the company with incredible power.

Kossuth and Jászai Mari Award-winning actor János Gálvölgyi told ATV:

We have to say goodbye not only to him, but also to a genre that, I think, ended once and for all. Because, on the one hand, there was this theater, the Microscope, which was abolished and, on the other hand, there was almost nothing.

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