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The tumultuous time has come when outdoor programs are being replaced by the cancellation of meetings for creative reasons, so we can wrap our blankets and spend our free time watching movies. After last year’s cinematic drought, when filming stopped due to the epidemic or new screenings only froze for months, we can now reap a lot of better than better creations.

Focusing on the month of October, we have compiled a list of the latest movie releases to facilitate sea fishing in abundance.

There is time for everything (too)

There is no time to die

Bond’s new film was originally scheduled to be screened in national cinemas in April 2020, but the coronavirus epidemic has postponed its release by more than half a year and again by the same amount to enter finally for the third time, so you can now see from September 30 the fifth and final Bond film by Daniel Craig, which is the twenty-fifth part of the series. And if we changed the entry at the beginning of our debut and have already passed the film, it’s worth reading the review that has appeared in the Index to dissolve the experience.


The Dune was already luckier than the Bond Jubilee, as it “only” slipped a year compared to the planned program. The star-studded visual film will be able to fill cinema seats in October, much to the delight of distributors. The film is the first volume of Frank Herbert’s science fiction series in 1965 and the cast is a parade: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac and Stellan Skarsgård, among others , elevate the world with his acting skills: what he dreamed of the canvas Denis Villeneuve (Winged Bounty Hunter 2049, Arrival). Presentation: October 21

Venom 2. – Spill of blood

He also spent almost a year in a drawer, but finally the sequel to Venom sees the light of day, that is, rather dark cinemas. The first film was not an indivisible success, but the multidimensional relationship between Eddie Brock, formed by Tom Hardy, and the symbiote seemed enough to mount a sequel. Hardy did not act inferior to the bar in any of his other portraits and the antihero character is especially good to him. The battle of two wills centered on a body sure to keep some interesting things going, especially if Sony dares to be bolder and doesn’t want to perfect an audience movie of history. What they were able to do after the first film, painted with loose brushstrokes, and how to add Hardy Woody to Harrelson’s villain, will be revealed starting October 14th.

The last duel

It is a historical character-centered film based on a book fueled by a real event. Director Ridley Scott, who has already despised several masterpieces of the genre, thinks of Gladiator or The Last Kingdom. That alone would be enough to get the attention of those who want to go to the movies, but the fact that the script was co-written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who also gave birth to Good Will Hunting as a child of love , only increases interest, especially that they even play in the film, alongside Adam Driver and Jodie Comer. The story is based on the wife of a Norman gentleman accusing the owner of rape, who denies everything and, in honor of the woman, her husband calls the noble defendant to mourning. They are allowed to do the last duel approved by a medieval French court (oops for the title), but the illusion increases that if the husband fails in the rehearsal, his wife will be burned at the stake for defamation (it doesn’t seem fair , but they could have chosen it, the method is also that, if it is heavier than a duck, it is carried out). This story is also current in the #metoo era, which dates back hundreds of years.

The French edition

Striking symmetry, a vibrant pastel cavalcade of conflicting but perfect harmony, charming manners and a sepia effect. Moviegoers have probably already discovered that these defining brands promise a new Wes Anderson film. In Dune, we recklessly used the term star parade, which would be difficult to improve, although the French edition is full of names that have proven to be a success in a production on their own: Léa Seydoux, Adrien Brody, Timothée Chalamet, Willem Dafoe, Frances McDormand, Elisabeth M Ronan, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, Benicio del Toro, Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton and Saoirse Ronan. In a word, a parade. The story takes us back to the last century, to the fictional writing of an imaginary small town, where everyone thinks about how good it would be to work as a journalist, but let’s not forget that in the age of the internet and online, it’s just an image romanticized.

Long live the Hungarians

Hungarian films are splitting, there has always been at least one Hungarian play in recent weeks, so it was worth changing tickets. Toxicoma, Your way of being perfect, The natural light, The story of my wife brought something unique in its genre and, at that time, we were not talking about Kuflik, a cartoon for children that makes parents enter in complete ecstasy, rightly so. . His great humor and creative graphics were captivating and Péter Scherer brilliantly and separately lent his voice to all the figures. But fortunately, the list of Hungarian works continues to expand, we can only count on the following Hungarian film releases in October:

Ramat separately

From the last day of September in cinemas, Special Herd, Little Hajni’s first feature film, which debuted at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The film is about a half-orphaned girl raised by her grandparents, who tries to make contact with her father, who has been released from prison. The director is also inspired by her own life, although the story is more than a fiction, but in the sense that it can be interpreted broadly and can be traced back to more general problems that Kiss Hajni says everyone has problems to process. We talked about it earlier in an interview with him.

Delete Frank

Gábor Fabricius’ first feature film, Elköroltni Frankot, won the most innovative film award from international critics at the Venice International Film Festival. It is a prestigious award at a high quality film festival and now the Hungarian public can see it in 1983 behind the scenes from 7 October. Frank, the leader of an underground band that cannot fit into the Orwellian silence of socialism. He goes to psychiatry, where the system secretly tries to silence his enemies.


The mockery of the Gyurcsány films (rightly or wrongly, it turns out on October 21) Elkxrtuk, already aware of his arrival, disturbed the stagnant water. After all, the film, which aims to present the situation in 2006, sharpened its release during a campaign period and its debut was preceded by a cleverly thought-out marketing campaign. The film, directed by Keith English, also features Zsolt Trill, Vivianne Bánovits, András Mózes, Rémusz Szikszai, Szabolcs Bede-Fazekas, Gabi Gubás and Áron Őze.

Post mortem

On October 6, it was officially decided that Hungary would nominate Peter Bergendy’s Post Mortem for the 94th Oscar. From October 28, you can also see the beautiful Hungarian horror of your career at the festival at your home, which has been participating in an international film festival for a year.

The basic story: as a result of the First World War and the devastation of the Spanish plague, there are countless ghosts in our world. In the icy winter of 1918, Tomás, the young post-mortem wandering photographer, arrives in a small village occupied by ghosts at the invitation of his ten-year-old daughter, Anna. The peculiar supernatural phenomena motivate the photographer to find out what the ghosts want with the equipment at their disposal. In the lead roles: Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais, Judit Schell, Zsolt Anger.

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