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Index – Domestic – Fidesz has won more than the last

: KSVI. district: Fidesz has won more than last time

Fidesz-KDNP candidate, Adam Horvath, became KVV. district, 57-36 percent won the candidate Momentum – the index is informed.

  • Adam Horvath (Fidesz-KDNP) – 906 votes (56.9%)
  • Karoli Koczan (Momentum) – 571 votes (35.8%)
  • Viktor Šafer (Citizens Association 16) – 105 votes (6.6%)
  • Janos Koch (Workers' Party) – 10 votes (0.6%)

Participation, usually at the time, was low, and 29.7% of voters voted in 1597.

The election was scheduled because a former representative of the second constituency, Fideszian Janos Horvath, died. Horvat won a safe place in 2014. 49.7-31.2 percent won the nomination of the leftist candidate, who was also the author of the recognition of Zoltan Wade. Better is 9, and LMP is 6.6 percent.

In addition, Fidesz won all the constituencies in 2014, so it would be a great surprise for the opposition zone. The elections did not affect the power of relations between members and corporations, as Fides is unlikely to win.

The result of 57-36 means that this could improve Fidesz's rates compared to 2014 when it failed to cross the 50 percent limit. The momentum can be comforted by the fact that 36% of candidates are nominated as open parties, and some of the opposition voters seem to be able to carry them without any problems.

Momentum said on Sunday night: "After winning two-thirds of Fidesz, there is a huge apathy in the country, as shown by today's provisional elections in the 16th district, but 36% of the Momentum was good to be achieved by facing difficult terrain and confronting Fidesz.

We do not give up, since the results of the parliamentary elections did not break our community, so the result of the 16th district elections will inspire more and more difficult work. The lesson is that it takes more work.

Acs: Fidesz 100%

There was less excitement in the car, it was possible to know the end result.

because only Istvan Szentirmai of fidesz-kdnp started to be the mayor, so it was not surprisingly 100 percent elected for the Mayor.

There were 5763 voters on the list, 1,381 polling stations, which corresponds to 24% of the participation rate. After the opening of the urine, 1353 valid votes were counted, said Piroska Soos, deputy head of the local election office on Sunday.

Acs has been involved in national news several times before. Here, the Mayor selected White Lakatos in May 2014, which was first criticized by Florian Farkas and Viktor Orban for the first time. In 2015, Fidesz left the Orbana gypsum.

2018. Momentum began in parliamentary elections and became the third. Then the representative body voted for him on condition that he changed his behavior. Lakatos was fired last June because he saw that his personality was bad for the settlement.

After the election of the MTI, Istvan Szentirmai said that he first wanted to get acquainted with the situation regarding real estate in the settlement, so he would consider managing the last few years with an independent auditing group and wanted to get the idea whether the technical content of paid investment is adequate.

(Cover image: Voting for the election of Mayor in Jozsefvaros at Johns Bokai High School, BVHSZC, July 8, 2018 photo: Zoltan Balogh / MTI)

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