Wednesday , May 18 2022

Index – Domestic – Fidesz: Momentum is the latest Soros party


The momentum was brought to Hungary by the ALDE (European Liberals) and Gui Verhofstadt mobile poster , on which Viktor Orban stands above the bundle of money and the text threatens the future of Europe.

The first stop in the truck was on Thursday around Felcsut, just between the house of Viktor Orban and Panco Arene, pulled out next to the house. The truck was launched by Andras Fekete-Gior on a national tour with such statements

Viktor Orban became a corrupt man without the help of a man.

According to the president, "Hungary can not afford to become the most corrupt state of Europe before the end, which today is Hungary Orban". Orban Viktor will have to win the elections in the European Parliament in May, "he said.

The truck was present at Momentum's demonstrations on Friday, and during the weekend he moved to many large cities in the country.

Fidesz responded to Thursday's action, which is clearly attributed to the activities of Giorgi Soros.

Soros boys meet orders from immigrant Brussels politicians. Momentum is the newest Soros party, Soros finances them, and their people are employed in Brussels.

According to Fidesz, in return, "they have taken over the campaign of the imminent immigration of Gay Verhofstadt and Liberal of Brussels, who are attacking Hungary and the prime minister of Hungary because they are on the brink of the Soros plan, flooding Europe with migrants."

Viktor Orban called Momentum a new SZDSZ last year after the Nolimpia campaign. This time they got Soros's flag.

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