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Index – Domestic – Trocsanii: There are no party soldiers in the administration


Minister of Justice, Laszlo Trocsanii, interviewed the HVG on the advantages and immunities of the new administrative court system. According to Trocsani, the essence of the system that will be established by 2020 is

The greater the protection of citizens.

The opposition criticizes the fact that the level of legal protection will be lower because the government is independent of the government – administrative arbitrage – now under the control of the executive. Because, according to a government proposal before Parliament, the Minister finally decides on who gets to the administrative courts.

Trocsanii said the law "is full of guarantees that limit the rights of ministers". For example, the order of the distribution of the order (ie the decision by which the court decides), which the current minister can not say, is strictly determined by the judges.

In this case, the Minister's maneuvering rooms are minimal and may be an administrative judge. "Only the filtered list is placed in front of the minister, where the difference between the candidates is minimal." In addition, the hearing will be public and the Minister is obliged to explain the reasons.

Trocsanii also said he had made a mistake when he suspected that professionals from the administration would not seriously understand the independence of the judiciary.

I already have the assertion that the Hungarian public administration will work for Party soldiers.

Trocsanii drew attention to the fact that there is no interest in creating courts of poor professional standards. "It will only come to court that can do it."

The minister also said in an interview that he never agreed that the big lawmakers of the code would punish the parliament. The number of deputy deputies has dropped significantly since 2014, since he was a minister (the main difference is that if a government is not a government, but a member proposes a law, it is not mandatory for social consultation and impact assessment in the second case.

Trocsanii also discovered that Viktor Orban did not give any details

After seven years, we must look at the balance of the work of the state organization.

In this regard, the Basic Law and pious laws are considered. in this context, "an overview of state authorities, which will also affect the courts". The minister did not say anything, but we can understand that next year the government wants to come to a regular judicial system.

(Cover image: Laszlo Trocsanii, Minister of Justice, held a public hearing on the entry into force of the Law on Administrative Courts and Administrative Courts and some transitional rules plenary session of 14 November 2018 – photo: Soos Lajos / MTI)

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