Tuesday , May 17 2022

Index – Economy – Goulash: It is suspected that there are contracted LTP contracts


There is no need to worry about those who have concluded a housing loan contract at the last moment, just looking at the financial supervision of the central bank, whether there are some contracts that are repeated after the deadline, "said Gergely Gulias, Governor Thursday.

Minipan emerged at EPP on Thursday after talks with Atv.hu with Mihali Varg, in which the finance minister, in addition to returning money from dealers, said that financial supervisory authorities could examine contracts that were the last term. Now, Gergeli Gulias has clearly explained this case by saying that he has been confirmed and that only such a supervisory procedure that has acted unlawfully, or after the expiration of the deadline, can be adversely affected.

This was a new element in the case that Gulas told the journalist question: there are doubts and, according to information, the bank's supervisor has information about the existence of such tricks, but in this respect there were no more specificities.

This is an interesting development that, just after the government's announcement, Laszlo Vindisch, MNB vice president, just said MTI:

So far, no central bank has been provided with any information on irregularities in the contracts concluded in the last days

– he said, adding that the MNB requested data from all domestic housing savings funds in the past few days on deposits and loans dated November 16th. "Although a large number of contracts really disturb, the central bank has not received any information so far that it would not be legally bound to some contracts in the last days before the amendment," Vindisch emphasized.

The vice-president agreed with Mihali Varg that in the last two days of the attacks they stressed that "basically it was not possible to achieve the goal of housing, but in order to achieve the highest return from state resources it could motivate the attack of the client."

According to Laszlo Vindisch, it also shows that the expansion of the retail dinar securities program could be justified, because the serious potential for household saving requires new but sufficiently safe forms of investment. He believes that this can also help to make the largest amount of sovereign debt available to domestic savings, which additionally improves the country's financial stability.

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