Friday , February 26 2021

Index – Sports – The Saints made an unprecedented feat against Arsenal 119 years ago

The London Guard was waiting for the meeting as defending champion, and there has been no example since the 1901-1902 call for the Saints to say goodbye to the last winner. Tottenham were then eliminated and finally made it to the final.

In the FA Cup, as in the last five competitions, this time there will be no title defense (Manchester City have reached the longest, the semi-finals), it is interesting that Arsenal could do it anyway.

Southampton – Arsenal 1–0 (Gabriel 24. – own goal)
16.00: Barnsley (II.) – Norwich City (II.)
16.00: Brighton – Blackpool (III.)
16.00: Millwall (II.) – Bristol City (II.) (TV: Player1)
16.00: Sheffield United – Plymouth (III.)
16.00: Swansea (II.) – Nottingham Forest (II.)
16.00: West Ham United – Doncaster (III.)
6.30pm: Cheltenham (IV.) – Manchester City (TV: Player1)

Cover image: Ben Stansall / AFP

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