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Kitchen appliances for which you can buy a car

From the word “luxury item,” most people usually jump on jewelry, watches, or cars. Still, come to think of it, there is the highest premium category in all walks of life. Whether it’s clothes, furniture, hotels or even food, we can come across products that represent a very high standard but cost a lot, are often overpriced.

The huge family of kitchen appliances cannot be an exception. This product group also includes incredibly expensive appliances that cost as much as a car or even an apartment. We collected from this data.

Fresh orange juice for millions

Freshly squeezed juice is a really fantastic thing and you might think it can be done relatively easily and cheaply. But not in all cases. After all, in addition to the machines for a few thousand forints, Hammacher’s brutally powerful kitchen juicer is staring at it. With Juicer, you can make a refreshing and healthy juice for the whole family in a matter of seconds.

Hammacher Juicer: Orange juice for millionsSource: Hammacher

The only beauty of the thing is that they are asking for horrible money for all this, as they have to put on the table $ 10,000, or three million forints.. By the way, the American company offers a number of strange products, so it doesn’t surprise us so much that they could produce an extreme product in a juicer, but in view of the price, the blood froze in the veins for a while. . . For so much money, you can now buy a perfectly good car.

Sweet & Gabbana Fridge

The Milan-based fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has recently teamed up with a company called SMEG, known for its mainly kitchen products, for the duration of a project. Thanks to the collaboration, some limited series products have been born, including a refrigerator.

Fridge Dolce & Gabbana X SMEG. This happens when a fashion company is responsible for the design of the refrigeratorSource: Dolce & Gabbana

SMEG was responsible for the technology and D&G was committed to creating an eye-catching exterior. They didn’t even lie to themselves, which resulted in a pretty amazing looking machine.

The Dolce & Gabbana X SMEG refrigerator is amazing not only for its design but also for its price. They were asked for $ 50,000, or about $ 15 million. Yes, for a fridge.

Exhaustion? Treasure!

The exhaust system, which frees the kitchen from unpleasant odors, is available for between 20 and 30,000 HUF. For so much money, you can already get pretty effective branding tools, but the limit here is starry sky too. Literally. The German Gaggenau offers a product that costs a hundred times more.

Extractor hood with brutal prices. This is the Gaggenau AL 400Source: Origin

This is the Gaggenau AL 400, which is currently available for 2,260,000 HUF. The stainless steel built-in and motorized extractor is tremendously efficient, has a built-in luminaire and is very stylish. But for so much money, that’s the bare minimum. The Gaggenau AL 400 is specifically a product that does not make much sense in terms of value for money, here you have to pay for the name, craftsmanship, German design and luxury image.

Black gold

Some call it black gold oil, but looking at a product called Venus Century Espresso Machine may change your mind. The jubilee home coffee maker made for the 100th anniversary of the patinated Italian brand Victoria Arduino will cost $ 20,000, approximately 6 million HUF.

Venus Century espresso machine: for making coffeeSource: Victoria Arduino

This is not the category of squeaky instant coffee or, above all, in any field. The device has a totally unique design that evokes good times with its exterior. Of course, it is made from raw materials of the best possible quality, using the most modern technologies. But the truth is that, by common sense, it is still not worth six million forints.

Freezer drawer at terrible prices

The Italian company Frigo2000 manages its products with many brands. One of the funniest is the Sub-Zero, as this brand covers its refrigeration-related equipment.

And his name was borrowed from one of the characters in the game Mortal Kombat, whose special attack was to blow ice.

The Sub-Zero freezer is also very expensive.Source: Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero products are not cheap, but even among them stands out the freezer drawer, which on the other hand seems quite simple. This seemingly simple one, basically invented for storing vegetables, has $ 4,500 or 1,335,000 forints. It’s amazing and surreal. It is not a visible appliance, it cannot be used for blinking, as it is hidden in the kitchen furniture practically imperceptibly with an integrated device. Premium League freezers with similar knowledge are now available for a fraction of that price. It is true that they do not have the Sub-Zero brand.

Money shake

Believe it or not, among the beaters there is a luxury category. This narrow layer is represented by a machine called Blendtech Stealth, which can be purchased for 700,000 forints. For so much money, one would rightly expect the product to peel the fruit and vegetables and serve the finished material. But really, you just have to give it up.

Blendtech Stealth takes care of everything, but its price is cruelly high.Source: Blendtech

The Blendtech Stealth is “just” a flawless, high-performance, highly reliable home machine that handles all raw materials stably.

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