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Lilla Polyák betrayed why her first marriage was ruined


Lilla Polyák honestly acknowledged that her first marriage to Zsolt Homonnay was ruined. "In addition to Matthew, I found something that I lost in the last years of my previous marriage, with the deterioration of the relationship. It is important for me to support the man with whom I live. It worked well with Zsolt for a long time, but then as if we were going to the side. I am not saying that this was clearly the reason for the divorce, but it was a contributing factor"He explained in an interview with Bors.

According to him, András Gömöri, the second husband of his first bodybuilder contest in his life, is a very strong man, a real warrior who feels good when he brings the whole family to his back. "This is how my femininity can do it, because I know I can always trust her and I do not always have to defend myself. (…) I have often felt that I am a" man. "Not only me, it did not work good with children"- added.

Lilla Polyák does not mind that András Gömöri, with her children born to the actress's previous marriage, treat them as if they were theirs. "Matthew did not take control of Zsol, he is always his father, and Matthew Napa, that is to say, his adoptive father, has called so recently. The boys differ from the two men. (…) L & # 39; Zsolt's authority is not in the hands of the boys because Matthew has them"He said.

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