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Mercedes has serious cooling problems


Lewis Hamilton A very curious weekend was closed at Red Bull Ringen, where he finally finished in fifth place, while his teammate Valtteri Bottas finished third. It all started with the fact that, after qualifying for Q1 in Q1, the defending champion was defeated to 3 while Ferrari was shut in the pole led by Charles Leclerc, who meanwhile did not give up Max Verstappen , so the Red Bull Dutchman the winner of the Austrian Grand Prix will continue to be a competitor.

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Fortunately for Hamilton Sebastian Vettel The other Ferrari could not go to Q3 due to a technical problem. On Sunday, Lewis entered the race, and it seemed that at least he could have an opportunity on the podium, but made several mistakes that damaged his first spoiler. With that, he lost time and stayed in the box for long seconds to replace the battery. The range of problems has not yet been completed, as the overheating problem has increased again.

"We knew it was our corner of Achilles and, since the beginning of the season, we had only had the problem with us. We tried to reduce the loss of performance, but it was very painful to see that we traveled and we were not able to attack Defend. When we could power the engine, we went at decent times. At least there were some of these circles when we reached 400 meters. I think we could have had the chance to fight for victory, but the problems They were interrupted. And there was the problem of the first wing, which lost 11-12 seconds. Given that, we have not competed today, but we have been running, "said Toto Wolff.

"On the first wing we broke the left cover, which we saw in free practice. Cooling was a problem. The next step would be to eliminate all body elements. Obviously, this is not a real option because our sponsors would not be happy. We were already at the limit, and we could not have been better at the border. It was already very damaging to the performance we did. There were no further steps in this regard. "

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1 W10

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1 W10

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"But I expected a slightly better result. When we were in the second and third stage after Max's departure, it would have been my best scenario. So, the third and fifth place are a bit worse than I thought, so that I was waiting for a second and a fourth place. "

"Could Valtteri be harder to defend? When you have a car below one and a half or two seconds faster than you, it's only a matter of time when you read. You can see how quickly Max closed the distance with respect to Ferrari. If Valtteri continued to fight, he would probably lose even more time, and Sebastian would have been before him. But now we just have to deal with what's ahead. First of all, I really hope the typical English climate is in Silverstone, for the which only takes a while to solve our problems. But there is no doubt that there is no alternative to solving problems such as the upcoming tournaments: Hockenheim and Budapest. There is no other option. "

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