Wednesday , September 28 2022

Most of the commercial wars are the market


The global community of institutional investors thinks that commercial wars are the greatest risk in the world, but more and more people are worried about the possible slowdown in global economic growth.

According to a fourth global survey of financial and economic analysts from London, Okford Economics, a local expert, said on Thursday

21 percent of respondents believe that global growth prospects will be susceptible to potentially dangerous risks in the next two years.

The analytical house emphasizes that in the first half of this year only 5-6% of institutional investors involved in similar research thought it.

The global community of institutional investors is the biggest global economic risk for commercial wars
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According to Okford Economics, the net balance of the perceived risk of global growth – that is, the percentage difference between optimistic and pessimistic respondents – is currently minus 71, the lowest since the company first raised this issue for quarterly research last year.

IMF: slow economic growth is expected in Europe

The slowdown will primarily be attributed to industrialized countries. Economic activity is hampered by stricter lending conditions in the new regions, in addition to the cycle of movement.

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