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NB I: We may be ashamed of the first half: Szabics


In it, Imre Szabics and Zsolt Hornyák also agreed that after the first half, Puskás Academy could have taken a break with a 3-0 lead, which finally took a home point from Mol Fehérvár after the match. of the 7th round NB I of the football player. .

According to Imre Szabics, his team may be ashamed of the first half (Photo: Károly Árvai)


Imre Szabics, Mol Fehérvár’s coach had an extra briefing during the break, and after that his players had solid organization.

“The first half was unacceptable, so we can be ashamed of ourselves! However, the second part showed that we were in good physical condition, and we were not prepared to force our will on the opponent from the first minute of the match. Based on the big picture, the tie is fair, but I’m disappointed because we dominated in the second half and had all three points on our hands. But it is also true that we can thank everyone that we did not go to the locker room with a disadvantage of two or three goals at halftime ”.

He added, after the game, that he told the team that if a very good second half came after a catastrophic first half, he should take advantage of the opportunities and score three points in those games.

Zsolt Hornyák, the main trainer of the Puskás Academy evaluated it this way.

“Thanks to my team for the fighting spirit, but I was left with a feeling of lack due to the first half: I should have entered the locker room with a 3-0 lead. However, after Van Nieff’s exposure, the situation changed, White Castle put pressure on us in terms of human benefits. But I think we should have decided this match in the first half based on the serious situations created from the controversies. Even after the exhibition, he was confident that we could endanger Fehérvár’s door by contractions, I also did the exchanges for that purpose.

Corbu Mariust his performance has been highlighted separately, and it is believed the 19-year-old midfielder will become a serious player in the future. He also talked about making it very difficult to find harmony in the middle of the field after Knezevic’s departure. He has five good players, and most in the offensive section He would trust Baluta, but he can’t play at the level that Knezevic did. You find Corbu’s game more stable right now, so he gave it a try and proved it worth it.


Mol Fehérvár FC – Puskás Academy 0-0
Székesfehérvár, Mol Arena Salt Lake, 2014 spectator. Directed by: Alone

Issued: Van Nieff (67th, Puskás Academy)


1. Kisvárda 6 5 1 10-5 +5 15
2. Paksi FC 7 4 1 2 22-15 +7 13
3. Ferencváros TC 5 4 1 11-5 +6 12
4. Budapest Honvéd 7 3 1 3 12-11 +1 10
5. MTK Budapest 7 3 1 3 9-9 0 10
6. Puskás Academy 6 3 1 2 7-9 –2 10
7. Mol Fehérvár 7 2 4 1 8-7 +1 10
8. Debrecen VSC 6 2 2 2 17-12 +5 8
9. Mezőkövesd 7 2 2 3 9-13 –4 8
10. Zalaegerszeg TE 7 1 2 4 11-18 –7 5
11. Újpest FC 6 3 3 8-11 –3 3
12. Gyirmót FC Győr 7 3 4 5-14 –9 3

NB I, 2021-2022, 7th ROUND
Friday, September 24th
ZTE FC – Paksi FC 2–5 Zalaegerszeg, ZTE Arena Mihály Káprály 1214
Saturday 25 September
MTK Budapest – Mezőkövesd 1–0 Budapest, New stadium Hidegkuti Nándor Adam Wolf 1537
Gyirmót FC Győr – Bp. Honvéd 2–4 Gyirmót, ALCUFER Stadium József Erdős 2381
Mol Fehérvár FC – Puskás 0–0 Székesfehérvár, Mol Arena Salt Lake Peter Solymosi 2014
Sunday 26 September
14.15: Kisvárda – DVSC (Television: M4 Sport +) Kisvárda, Castle Garden Stadium Tamás Bognár
17.00: Ferencváros TC – Újpest FC (Television: M4 Sport) Budapest, Groupama Arena Gergő Bogár

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