Tuesday , May 18 2021

Nepszava For years, nothing is known against rival Magiar Poste in Budapest, but it is allegedly working

As for the majority ownership of President Laurent Meszaros, almost everything knows how it works. But this is just a statement of MNHH.

For more than five years, it was not happy to hold the public loss, although in 2015 it received, transferred and delivered postal items up to 2 kilograms in Budapest, Citi Mail doo is perfectly invisible – writes Napi.hu. After postal liberalization in 2013, the company could compete with Magiar Post: so far this company has authorized the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) to issue bulk invoices. But it seems futile.

At the same time, on the portal question, NMHH said they checked out Citi Mail and found it to maintain their business. They added, of course, "if it was not the case then the body should delete it." They should do this, for example, if they did not start work within ninety days of registration.

Most of the silent posters with four employees are Ivan Meštrović, who is the president of the football team Lisztin Meszaros NK Osijek. 217 million loss producers since 2013 failed to answer questions about how they intend to compete with their rival.

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