Friday , July 1 2022

Rúzsa Magdi betrayed the sex of her twins!


Just two weeks ago, 2020-21 ended Karma tour, Lipstick Magdi from now on you want to focus exclusively on expecting the baby. A pregnant woman who is pregnant with a triple twin has just entered the fifth month of pregnancy, her belly is getting bigger and she wants to experience the rest of the physical changes in a relaxed and fully prepared way. This is not what you will pay attention to, as carrying three babies at once, even in the most ideal circumstances, is a hard physical and mental effort.

Magdi and her partner had reportedly already started preparing the babies ’room and were still planning to buy baby accessories, but until they knew what gender their children would be, they couldn’t go anywhere. If three girls arrive, you will have to think about female colors, even if they are only boys, light blue accessories can come …

The singer has been periodically reviewed since the first weeks of pregnancy and, although weeks ago doctors had suspicions that one baby was a small child, the other two little ones could not be said for sure. Bye now.

According to Bors, Magdi was finally able to see with her own eyes in the last test of control the miracle that was happening under her heart; the babies were finally ready to show themselves to the curious world in the midst of reality. In the heart of the singer, it is now true: two boys and a girl dripping.

The joy in the family is enormous, Rúzsa Magdi told the newspaper:

A recent investigation at the Czeizel Institute revealed that two young boys and a girl were arriving. I am very happy. We are already thinking about the names. In any case, deep down in my heart, I wanted it too. Sometimes I see them in front to see how little they will be sweet.

They were conceived naturally

The 35-year-old singer has so far focused on her career, feeling for the first time last winter that she was eager to start a family. She and her husband, Simon Vilmos, can now be completely happy with three children arriving at the same time. Magdi got pregnant with the three little ones in a natural way.

He will return to the stage next year

Rúzsa Magdi is scheduled to be on stage next summer. He recently told Origo:

The concert will start again next summer as soon as possible, now I dare not go on stage. There are singers who perform with big bellies even in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, but since in my case there are three, I have to be more careful. I’m a prefabricated guy. I have already tried to plan how I can fix that I will have help, as the concert season will start again next summer.

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