Sunday , September 26 2021

Scarlett Johansson sued Disney

Scarlett Johansson has accused Disney of breaching the contract and filed a lawsuit against the film industry giant in the Los Angeles Supreme Court, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, the black widow.

Photo: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS – MARVEL STU / ChristopheL Collection via AFP

According to Johansson, as the parent company of Marvel Studios, Disney also shortened it financially when it made its film Black Widow available to its own subscription streaming provider, Disney +, at the same time as the release of film.

According to Johnasson, in his contract for the role, Disney promised that the film would only be screened in theaters. Under the contract, Johansson would also have received a significant bonus based on film revenue.

The Black Widow generated revenue of just $ 158 million, just reopening theaters just after the show’s outbreak on the weekend of the show, well below the revenue records of previous Marvel Studios films. Johansson’s hard-hitting arguments also guaranteed that anyone could watch the film at home at Disney + for thirty dollars, even in big companies. In other words, far fewer people have seen the film in theaters and also lost the revenue generated by viewers who watch these films more than once during the show, a not insignificant proportion of the audience. of Marvel movies.

Johansson and his legal representatives also argue that while Disney shortened the actor, it earned significant revenue for itself. And so, not only do they think of the sixty million dollars that Disney + viewers saw in the movie over the first weekend, but Disney used the Black Widow to promote its own streaming service, its returning customers and subscribers. that is, all the revenue that the film essentially generated, but Johansson cannot share in it.

In the application, it also questions the date of submission. “Why would Disney give up selling tickets worth hundreds of millions of dollars showing the film at a time when the movie market was remarkably weak, instead of giving it a few more months to resurrect cinemas? We know and we believe the decision had something to do with the addition that Disney saw an opportunity to promote its own subscription service, “the lawsuit says, according to a Hollywood Reporter report.

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