Saturday , October 16 2021

Shocking turn: with the reconciled love of Gábor Maros

In addition, he has fully recovered from his stroke.

In addition, he has fully recovered from his stroke.

Gábor Maros found happiness again, after his private life seems to have been resolved. The opera actor-singer he reconciled with his wife and fully recovered even after his stroke.

I was admitted in August, but luckily I didn’t stay long. I was very scared because my left side was not moving. He tried, his hands and feet didn’t work, and he couldn’t speak.

I was afraid to go on like this

Gábor Maros told Blikk that he recovered from the illness thanks to prompt and professional care.

I’m perfectly fine, I have no symptoms. I speak correctly, I can walk, there is no bigger gift for me. Health is paramount, and while I’ve always known it, stroke has made me realize the fragility of human life. The artist added.

Mária and Gábor officially connected their lives in 2018 © István Végh

Gábor Maros also testified about his love life, as it turned out that the situation also settled there.

This is a very sensitive issue, but everything is fine.

We discussed what we needed and again, everything is as before. My wife and I are back together, but I don’t want to say more than that

Gábor Maros told the newspaper, that he had previously filed for divorce because of his unfaithful wife. Now it seems sacred peace.

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