Thursday , December 9 2021

Swimming: Five more members in Hungary Hall of Fame


Hungarian swimming sport was celebrated in Szazhalombatta: five more were chosen for the Hall of Fame.

Jeno Janos Knezi (with his deceased father, left), Valeria Gienge, Eva Risztov and Csaba Sos on the scene (Photo by Hedi Tumbasz)

"On this day of the year, the present and the future glorify the past"Vladar Sandor, President of the Hungarian Swimming Association, Champion of the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980, described the day the Hungarian swimming pool celebrated for the sixth time together.

Again, in Szazhalombatta.

For many years now, the city has been hosting national championships in a short run, and since 2013 a great event for swimmers has been held, the Hall of Fame celebrations took place, except last year, with the 110th anniversary of the Hungarian Swimming Association's ceremony. There are many examples here, successful athletes and coaches who have been successful in success and that is just the day of the celebration, as it is an opportunity for an informal conversation with old swimmers, craftsmen and rivals.

Tamas Darnii, Jozsef Szabo and Agnes Kovacs competed in the Olympic hall, outside of the scene, as well as other winners of the five winners: Sandor Vladar, Valeria Gienge and Eva Risztow, who are members of the Hall of Fame since November 2018.

Like Paralympic Champion Dora Pasztori: the previous excellence that started in Pecs, now in London, came with the help of technology and thanked him for being the first paraglider to join the prestigious company. Csaba Sos, the captain of that day, spent most of his time in the pool, dressed in a celebratory dress of the evening – without an accident: he became immortal. As a representative of the media – the posthumous – Jeno Prince became a sports reporter for the Hall of Fame.

This ceremony, of course, allowed the audience that counting the success of the year – a film could count on a lot of gold medals this time, so many of them mentioned: "Bright past, bright opportunity, bright future."


Alfred Hayos
Tamas Szechi
Hargitai Andras
Tamas Darnii
Krisztina Egerszegi
Laszlo Kiss

Szoke Kato
Eva Szekeli
Vladar Sandor
Norbert Rozsa
Czene Attila
Sarosi Imre
Tamas Vitrai (media)

Giorgi Tumpek
Ilona Novak
Andrea is colonial
Zoltan Verraszto
Karoli Guttler
Sandor Szeles
Gergeli Csurka (media)

Mari Littomeritzki
Vermes in Albanian
Tunde Szabo
Turi Giorgi
Akos Toth
Zoltan Novotni (media)

Ferenc Csik
Eva Novak
Agnes Kovacs
Ferenc Kovachesi
Laszlo Torok (media)

Poor Valeri
Dora Pasztori
Eva Risztov
Csaba Sos
Jeno Prince (media)

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