Many researchers and scientists have already warned of the potential dangers of artificial “brains”. This time, an old Google executive took precaution after witnessing one of the company’s improvements. He put it this way: researchers were experimenting with a machine god.

Professionals in many fields can reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, but today health and robotics can benefit. At the same time, there are those who do not look at it with good eyes, that researchers only claim to think of a machine by incorporating it into new experiments. It allows an algorithm to learn things that shouldn’t be.

A former senior Google employee said the search company ventured into a very risky area due to similar fears. Mo Gawdat claimed the company worked on several robotic arms that were trained by experienced researchers in artificial intelligence. However, this process did not take weeks or months:

the machines became more and more skilful, which terrified him.

The man of Egyptian descent from all this a The timesin an interview, stressing that he believed the danger was very real. Gawdat did not hide the fact that he met the project in question in a department called Google X, which is the company’s internal “laboratory”: this is where the systems on which new developments are sometimes based are developed. (The specialist has been the commercial director of the division since 2013, a position he held until 2018.)

[Ijesztő jóslattal állt elő Stephen Hawking]

Gawdat did not share exactly what the arms of the machine served, but said the software that controlled them was extremely intelligent. He claimed that after a while his arms had learned to identify and lift objects, including a ball. And as soon as it happened, one of the machines aimed a ball at the investigators, but Gawdat said he made a gesture like cutting it with him to find out exactly what he was doing.

The expert, Gawdat, continued the interview and realized that these systems were balanced on the brink of technological uniqueness, on a threshold from which the computer would become self-propelled and uncontrollable. In the case of intelligent machines, this means that the artificial “brain” can take control and ultimately pose a threat to humans. Gawdat described the gravity of the situation as investigators playing with a machine god.

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