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Television: four years of M4 Sport: this was the most watched program


On Thursday, four years ago, the public media channel, the M4 Sport, was launched, and its anniversary coincides with the first final day of the Budapest World Fencing Championship.


Four years of M4 sport (Photo: National Sport)

David Székely Channel manager M1 on Wednesday This morning in his program "The featured facts of the thematic taxes of the four years". He said that the beginning of 2015 was strong, and in 2016 the Hungarian European Football Championship, followed by the Rio's Olympic Games, provided a huge vision.

the most watched show The eighth eighth Hungary-Belgium was 2 million with 796,000 spectators. In the game's most watched minute, at 9:29 p.m., 3 million 89,000 people saw the M4 Sport in front of the home TV screens. Almost half (47%) of the population in the two-hour game came to domestic TVs.
the most watched days also on June 26, 2016 in Hungary-Belgium, the average view per minute was 534,000, while the global audience share of M4 Sport was 27%. That day, 53% of the total population, 4 million 693,000, joined at least one minute on the M4 Sport channel.
Daily average more than 1.1 million (1 million 122 thousand), an average of 3 million people a week join the M4 Sport channel (one-third of the population). From this point of view, the weeks of the 2016 EB became the best, with more than 6 million connected to the M4 Sport in the eighth week.
Since the launch of the channel, M4 Sport spreads every year the most watched sports transmission.
Between 2015 and 2018, there was at least one channel broadcast above 1 million visits each year. In 2015, an Eb-pótselejtező football (Hungarian-Norwegian), a dozen football matches in 2016, a final water polo championship in 2017 (Hungarian-Croatian), in 2018 the football match 11 matches.

A year later, the Hungarian World Championship emerged from the supply, while the World Cup of Soccer and the Winter Games last year, where the first Hungarian gold medal was born. winter This year's World Championships are the main success and, as Dávid Székely emphasized, the first day of the fencer is Thursday, which can also be seen on the M4 Sport.

According to the channel manager, the public service television service department already had a separate channel demand, but at first the new challenge was demanded by all interest groups, as it is a huge task to fill a whole content channel

"Now we're saying that we have a channel that emits zero to twenty four sports and that events that do not have a separate sports channel are shown. Dávid Székely said, for example, mentioning the entry of women's football vB or female hockey group A.

"From this point of view we are in a very exceptional situation " He said.

Most of the M4's offer is made with football, which according to Székely is clearly the most popular and popular sport, but there is also a great interest in handball and sports Hungarians Based on the data, featured events also attract Hungarian viewers, for example, mentioning the 10-kilometer swimming competition of the World Wide World Championship 2017, which provided extraordinary views and the entire VB.

Next year, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be the biggest event on the channel. The seven hour difference will be a special challenge.

"It will not change in linear television, but in the digital section. We want to have an interface next year where people who want to see the Olympic Games can see it for free anywhere in the country. You will need a subscription to the Internet, no other. This is what really will happen next year " Dávid Székely said.

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