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The Hungarian designer made a miracle of one of the best known Merci


The W115 foot lamp inspired David Obendorfer's latest car design.

The original Mercedes-Benz W115, the "stand lamp"Source: Daimler Media

We specialize in modern versions of old classic cars, Obendorfer is one of the best-known Hungarian car designers For example, it has already produced the latest interpretations of BMW CS, Fiat 127, Fiat 600, Citroën Type H, Renault 5 and Volkswagen T1, which have produced a great international response.

There's something about the massive Chryler 300C, based on a Mercedes E class. Click on the image to open the gallery.Source: David Obendorfer

His latest work, Icon E Mercedes commemorates the legendary "standing lamp", the W115 series produced between 1968 and 1976, With its durability, elegance and comfort, you have written in the history of the automobile industry (the code name of W114 denotes the six four-cylinder models W115).

Even the tires have paid close attention to Obendorfer, the contrasting roof is an old feature of MercedesSource: David Obendorfer

of course The headlights of the modern version could not be missed It was the kind of brand that even lay people recognized immediately. Obendorfer imagined Icon E based on the technology of Class E of the 10th generation, which is on the market since 2016, so that the most important dimensions, length, width, height, axle and track are the same for both cars.

It also looks like a taxi driverSource: David Obendorfer

My goal was to revive the somewhat controversial concept of "restricted luxury" with a car without comfort, characterized by clean lines, balanced proportions and treated surfaces carefully.

The retro steering wheel clearly refers to the old ground lamp, but the panoramic display is for the Mercik d & # 39; todaySource: David Obendorfer

"My project is also a tribute to two great design heads in the history of Mercedes: Paul Bracq For 10 years, he directed the design department of Daimler-Benz Sinderfingen, including the design of models such as W115. Bruno Sacco and in 1975 and 1999 he was the head of the factory studio, and in the 1980s, his timeless beauty, under his guidance, served as an inspiration for Icon E, "goes write Obendorfer on your website.

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