Thursday , August 11 2022

The President of the Swimming Association supports Katinka's long-term plan


The International Swimming Federation is threatening to expel athletes running at the inaugural opening of the International Swimming League from December 20 to December 21, at which Long Katinka wants to start. The president of the Hungarian association told reporters DIGI Sport that he supports the triple Olympic championship plan.

"I was always a competitor, I think the driver should always be at the helm you can make money by participating in such a viaduct, we will not stop it as the Hungarian swimmer federation " "said Vladar Sandor Sport24.

The long plan of Katinka is supported by Sandor RulerSource: Imaginechina / Cai fuliang – Imaginechina / Cai Fuliang

The big question is whether he really wants to ban Long Katina and other international stars who are starting to compete with FINA, who also fears that many will miss the series on November 11 and 16 due to a new series of tournaments. , the Chinese short world championship.

"FINA will develop its approach to this ISL competition, it is obvious that there is short communication within the organization on this issue, as far as threatens to expel or suspend competition in Turin. I hope this will change " – added the President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation.

Sandor Vladar, President of the Hungarian FederationSource: Marton Koncz

But that did not change Hungarian swimmers are almost everywhere they start. As a swimmer, Olympic champion Vladar Sandor issued those who pay special attention. "I have two big favorites, Kristofer Milak and Aina Keseli have huge potential. The Hungarian Swimming Federation has the responsibility to take care of these competitors, giving them some kind of controlled attention, so that they do not get rid of even error and their effectiveness will be continued. "

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