Saturday , May 8 2021

The top eight went to Kiswald

The match began with a quick hit, but the guests quickly took control and in 11 minutes they had four goals in the first half, then was first made by the master of the house. However, this did not help them, because the team of Vlatko Djonovic was firmly and severely defended, and in the aftermath of the successful action he was successful. So the visiting team made a break with seven goals in the wardrobe. In the second leg, the gap between the two teams continued to increase, with the remainder of 34 minutes in the top ten, so the upgrade issue is over. In the rest, the concentration of guests was somewhat submerged, but that was enough to make the house a cosmetic result. This is Kisvarda's top eight.

Hungarian Cup, Women, Round 4

MTK-Kisvarda Master Good SE 28-34 (13-20)

Budapest, 120 vievs, v. Guardian, Pozdena.

Mtk: Swap: Gior (goalkeeper), Black 3, Banfai 3, Kovacs 1, Mihalffi 1. Coach: Golovin Vladimir. Lajtos – Slakta 1, Karnik 4, Dakos 3, Toth 6/1, Termani 5, Strannig 1.

Kisvarda: Shepherd – Benko 4/1, Klikovac, Hakunova 6, Milanovics-Litara 4, Guialo 2, Milosevics 3. Substitution: Kordoviecka (goalkeeper) Radojevics 5/2, Dragut 5, Rebicova, Orban 3, Morena 2, Tomkovics. Coach: Vlatko Djonovics.

Fairs: 6 and 8 minutes. Seven meters: 2/1 and 3/3.

The result is: 4 minutes: 2-2, p. 2-7, p. 6-10, p. 23: p. 9-16, p. 12-19, p. 33: 14 -22, p. 36: p. 14-24, p. 40, p. 17-25, p. 20-29, p. 24-31.

Golovin Vladimir: – I'm a little disappointed with the team. We know that Kisward is a very good team, but I expected more than a match. We asked the guests to play this game early, because on Sunday we played against Vaca, this weekday and Sunday rhythm seems to be not my young team.

Vlatko Djonovics: – I'm completely satisfied with the first half. In the second, however, when the girls thought they had a match, we opened it better, the concentration was relaxed. Of course, I am happy to go, but in the future I expect more fight from my team.

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