Wednesday , March 3 2021

The University of Theater and Film Arts will be renewed

The most significant development program in the history of the University of Theater and Film Arts has begun, the first step of which is to welcome students and teachers with names of modern and renovated institutes and schools from February, writes the university in a statement.

The University’s film institute will continue to function as the Zsigmond Vilmos Institute of Cinematographic Arts, and the University will honor the Oscar-winning and Emmy-winning director of photography, who graduated in 1955 from the University’s predecessor. The use of the term “moving image” is in line with international trends and expectations.

Film training will be moved from the approximately 2254 m2 building on Szentkirályi Street to one of the buildings in the former Duna Television headquarters, where there is an educational space of almost twice 4715 m2 waiting for students and teachers. . The renovation of the part of the building will also affect the mechanical, architectural, electrical and computer systems. The spacious studios are equipped with modern equipment of high quality film technology.

The buildings of the University of Szentkirályi and Rákóczi út house the performance program, called Imre Sinkovits Theater Arts Institute. When choosing a name, we bow our heads to the giant of the award-winning actor Kossuth, the actor of the nation. Imre Sinkovits has been a student at the University (then known as the College of Theater and Film Arts) since 1947.

The third institute of the University, responsible for the theoretical education of students, is called Antal Németh Institute of Drama Theory. Antal Németh is one of the most significant figures and directors in the history of Hungarian theater, who was also the director of the national theater between 1935 and 1944.

Rehearsals and music rooms, classrooms, corridors, staircases and toilets will also be renovated in the venues that host drama performances and drama theory. On abandoned and inhabited properties that have been abandoned for decades, we will carry out subsequent renovations in just two months.

As part of the infrastructural developments, it has a significantly higher quality compared to the bedroom Vas utca, there is a renovated separate bedroom waiting for students, where we can offer 70 beds instead of the previous 50. According to the university’s management plans, the Urania Film theater will serve in both theater and film training, the announcement concludes.

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