Saturday , August 13 2022

The Walking Budapest activists visited Christmas Gergely opened the campaign with the inscription "Parking Mafia"


It does not appear that in Budapest a common opposition candidate with István Tarlós, Viktor Orbán or Fidesz's candidate stood out: the two opposition groups that are considered the most dominant were reunited on Saturday.

Gergely Karörös, April 13, 2019Photo: Koszticsák Szilárd / MTI / MTVA

Gergely Karörös, who with the colors of MSZP and the dialogue, chose to be the mayor of the autumn, held a campaign opening ceremony in Ankert, where he promised free and green, livable and habitable Budapest .

The act was visited by Walk Walking activists who recalled the candidate in a dust mask and a "Parking Mafia" banner with the MSZP and Fidesz logo as mayor of Zugló in Zugló, including a video of 444 abuses parking. he also reported.

Photo by András Meszlenyi

According to the report by Méce, the dialogue representative, Bence Tordai, received the LMP and candy activity and offered a sandwich from the press conference. And he responded to the questions about the mafia car park, "we will solve it together as opposed to the opposition in the past."

Fidesz is also attacking Christmas due to the fall of the parking lot at Zuglo, although the position of the vending machines was supported by the representatives of Fidesz, in addition to the MSZP, but the mayor is going abstain, but did not vote in favor.

The Walker Budapest writes on the Facebook page: "Christmas is not just an incredible man, but an inadequate and weak leader. It can not and does not make sense to replace Tarlo. "

At the moment it will not be known that the opposition of the opposition is finally in summer. There is contradictory information about this. On Friday we wrote about how the community of interests of MSZP-Fidesz crosses the opposition. (Measure / 444 / Frontpage: Walking Budapest)



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