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They shot the premiere of a couple of PS5 games



They shot the premiere of a couple of PS5 games

It turned out when Ghostwire Tokyo, Pragmata or the mysterious Athia Project could come.

13/01/2021 15:30 | GeryG | category: Game

A Sony he is also present at this year’s CES, at least virtually, just like everyone else. They don’t usually offer particularly exciting news on the front of the video player and console, but this year they did have some pretty interesting news for the event. The cover has been removed from the release of some games for PlayStation 5.

These are mostly games, most of which were unveiled at last summer’s Future of Gaming Show. One of the Capcommade a Pragmatic, which was then dated 2022 by the publisher. Unfortunately, now it turns out that we have to wait much longer than that: the game will only be released sometime in 2023.

In return, the Square Enix mysterious project, a Athia project in about a year, as the premiere was filmed in January 2022. If we get even closer in time, it’s worth paying attention to October of this year. You can see Ghostwire Tokyo and the Deviated is. This year may come Little Devil Inside, while a Kena: Bridge of Spirits scheduled as early as March. ■

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