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Topol prepares for the historic party at the forefront


It will be a milestone on July 19 at Topyy's Toly Football Club, as the band will debut at the Super League on Friday at 20:00, the first in Serbia. The topolya team is moving against Vozsdovac in Belgrade with the aim of providing the best possible that the club's leadership is a positive result against the capital.

Zoltán Szabó, TSC coach, speaking to the press (Photo: TSC)

Before the start of the season at the press conference held in Topolya Zoltán Szabó, The TSC coach said that six weeks of preparation were exhaustive and successful, adding that the team underwent qualitative changes, as there were six reinforcements during the summer , which will be able to contribute to a better game of the first Serbian league champion. as he did in the previous season, when he was not defeated during the spring season and during the playoffs.

"We have six weeks of quality preparation behind us. The reinforcements were quickly integrated into the team, except Borko Duronjic, who joined us just two weeks ago, so it will take a little more time, But that does not mean that he does not reach the starting team on Friday. However, we can be very happy with the preparations and experiences and experiences of friendly matches. I feel ready to make the Super League debut " – Szabó said, it was no secret for anyone that the Super League is much higher than the 1st League of Serbia, and one season awaits the TSC, who will not have weak opponents, so everyone knows that all your matches will be difficult. The TSC was not defeated during the preparation, which had a good impact on the self-confidence of the players before the Friday meeting.

Regarding the Friday meeting, it will not only be special due to its debut, but also because the opponent's track is covered with artificial turf. According to Szabó, this will not be a surprise for his players, as he has been trained in the artificial turf field of the TSC Academy.

"As for us, we do not have the cover of artificial grass and we should not have problems with it. At Vozsdovac Stadium, the atmosphere is special, since the stand is close to the track. I am looking forward to a good performance of soccer, where we can reach the three points or even we can play a tie " Said Szabo.

During the summer transfer period, TSC obtained the certification: Srdjan Grabezs (OFK – Bácsalánka), Goran Antonics (Alaskert – Armenia), Bojan Balazs (Partizan – Belgrade), Janko Tumbasevic (FK Mladost – Lucsani), Antal Barna (Csíkszereda – Romania), Borko Duronjić (FK Vozsdovac – Belgrade).

The Superliga 2019-2020 season begins with the Vozsdovac-TSC match, on Saturday and Sunday, two games. In the second round, the TSC will host the Mladost in Lucena at the Senta stadium, since the Topolya stadium is scheduled for next year.

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