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Vernaj won the first race, Tarkuini was fourth, Michelisz was 5th


The home win failed for Rob Huff in the first race of the VTCR weekend in Macau. The win was Jean-Karl Vernai who stood behind the security phase. Secondly, Ivan Muller entered, Huff saw a flickered glittering flag. Gabriele Tarkuini, who leads the championship, is in fourth place. Behind him, Norbert Michelisz finished.

Vernaj won the first race at the close of the season (Photo: VTCR)

Rob Huff dominated Macau's weekend Friday races – with nine victories on the local track, both competitors won both timers he could wait for the first race on the edge Red lights disappear.

Huff looked good, but in a few circles later, he was only the third. Ivan Muller was at the helm, and more Jean-Charles Vernai was able to prevent the British from starting first. On the back of the field Frederic Vervisch met Mehdi Bennan, Kevin Ceccon but he could not get out of the box, so the field was very bad.

The security vehicle had to be sent to the track, but two races of later collisions could continue. Vernai left Muller, and he was at the helm. Norbert Michelisz then he went to the heels, but he soon began to attack him Esteban Varriors.

However, in the fifth round The red flag was found. On the 15th place Gordon Shedden one of the southernmost parts of the track in the police band – hit the wall in front of his car and crossed it. Audi stopped the road, so the arrivals behind him can not continue, so they uncovered a collision.

The race was ten minutes, one of the competitors on the free map in the upcoming start-up round, Andrej Kouto grabbed the net. For the flying start Muller had no Vernai, The French could hold first place.

Back Thed Bjork later fought Homalo Mat, but Luigi Ferrara and Timo Scheider they found themselves.

But Vernay won the victory, then Muller, then Huff. The three were approaching one after the other, leading the fourth in the lead and leading the championship Tarkvini its backlog was bigger. Behind him is his teammate, Mihelis outside. In addition to the top ten Guerrieri, Oriola, Scheider, Ferrara and Homola he entered.

The day was not well developed Zengo Motorsport for your pilots. Zsolt Szabo could not even begin open tournament, dok Norbert Nagi was 23. Although Muller Tarkuini came to finish, only he could draw six points into his draw hunting at a point.

Continue on Sunday, in Hungarian time 1.20 with a second run. The third and final race will be held shortly after Thursday.


1. Jean-Charles Vernai (French, Audi)
2. Ivan Muller (French, Hiundai)
3. Rob Huff (UK, Volkswagen)
4. Gabriele Tarkuini (Italian, Hiundai)
5. Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian, Hiundai)

23. Norbert Nagi (Hungarian, Cupra)
Zsolt Szabo (Hungarian, Cupra) did not start

Group V after 28 races: 1. Gabriele Tarkuini (Italian, Hiundai) 305 points, 2. Muller (French, Hiundai) 272, 3. Vernai (Belgian, Audi) 245, 4. Bjork (Swedish, Hiundai) 238, 5. Oriola (Spanish, Cupra) 235, 6. Warriors (Argentina, Honda) 227, 7. Norbert Michelisz (English, Hiundai) 227 … 20. Big D. (English, Hiundai) 36 … 24. Велики Н. (Hungarian, Cupra) 18 … 29. Szabo Zs. (Hungarian, Cupra) 4

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