Friday , October 7 2022

Video: 43 game bans are resolved from rank-and-file piles


Discipline from three to eight games was imposed by the Discipline Committee of the Turkish Football Association after the Galatasaray Fenerbahce Championship error.

At the end of the draw 2-2, Roberto Soldado (Fenerbahce) and Iounes Belhanda (Galatasarai) fought with a massive crowd in the starting field, where players in the field came from the bench, coaches.

The most severe penalty was awarded to assistant coach Galatasaray Hasan Sasu, who is banned in eight games.

In addition, Badou N'diaie (5 games) and Rian Donk (6) and Garri Mendes Rodrigues (3) are also disqualified for sporting behavior.

In addition to Jailedon Sikueira (8) and Soldado (6), Fenerbahce will miss Fatih Terim (7) in the next round – who are punished for insulting a referee and making a statement at a news conference after the match.

Source: 24.h.

Hertha Hooligans attacked the Dortmund stadium

Borussia Dortmund-Hertha BSC was seriously interrupted, according to police reports, 45 people were injured.

Football fans from the Berlin guest came to the stadium a few minutes after the start of the game, first provoked police, broken flags and other dangerous items …

With his boyfriend in his hand, the Englishman dropped a goalkeeper

With a child in hand, a fan of the upcoming Everton-Lion European League games on Thursday evening. The Liverpool boss was pulled by a French goalkeeper, the English club banned games forever.

In the 65th minute, Ashley Williams, captain of the house …

Massage breaks out at Shanghai match for former Chelsea ex Brazilian boss

Strange, it was a strange scene at the Chinese championship at the Guangzhou R & F-Shanghai SIPG meeting.

Brazilian controversial midfielder in December – former Chelsea player, Shanghai – Oscar in the last minute of the first half of the Guangzhou R & F game …

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