Tuesday , October 19 2021

Weather forecast on Thursday: a warning was sent to six counties


There is no significant change on Thursday during the Carpathian basin climate: the tumultuous and untouched autumn of autumn continues, and it is expected that rain will occur several times.

Forecast for Thursday – Source: met.hu

Weather forecast for Thursday

mostly cloudy and humid weather more head rain, sifted. It is likely that a significant amount of rainfall will be in the Danube. In the evening, mainly in Transdanubia, it can be extended to a larger area fog, which can permanently stay in the West in hours of light. On Thursday, the wind of the south is alternating in the southern regions.

Forecast for Thursday – Source: met.hu

The lowest night temperature is between 0 and +5 degrees.
The highest temperature of the day waits between 3 and 8 degrees, the lanyard from the South of Transdanubia.

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