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WebEie Telematics Zrt.


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He was transformed into a joint stock company and, in spite of constant growth, he is considering entering the stock exchange from the Hungarian Telematic Fleet Tracking Service, WebEye.

Pal Nemeth, CEO of WebEye Telematics Zrt., Told a press conference on Tuesday in Budapest that Vebeie International doo and Lambda-Com doo merged with the WebEye Telematics Zrt this year. The goal of a group of companies with 300 employees is to double its sales, in order to increase the export ratio by more than 80 percent within five years, which further increases the number of telematics endpoints that run from 64,000 to 200,000. The combined revenue of associated companies last year was 16 million euros.

The group of companies remains uninterrupted, double digit from year to year. This year, the revenue of 18.2 million euros is planned to be achieved, according to the long-term plan by 2023, by 2023 – said the executive director. He added that the transformation is based on a subordinate structure across countries. The capitalization of the stock market is also planned for growth, the executive director said, according to his current plans, intending to implement it within seven years, and it is planned that there will be shares in the market in the region. Levente Toth, Commercial Director of WebEye, said: their users are mainly road logistics companies where technology is rapidly advancing and the volume of data exponentially increases. In road traffic, according to sector forecasts, by 2030, three-quarters of traffic will continue on the road. It is expected that delivery costs will be nearly halved, partly due to the expansion of self-propelled and electric vehicles, the utilization and efficiency of rolling stock and a 40 percent drop in time. With the reorganization of the market, telematics will expand by 100 percent, which is a significant jump, he stressed. Among industries, the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) will become one of the most significant in logistics.

According to the analyzes, the companies present on the European market transport 38 million vehicles, of which 80 percent amounts to 3.5 tons. This means that it has to be opened from heavy vehicles to light commercial vehicles, he said. The company focuses on the market of Poland and Romania next to Hungary. In addition to its commercial and development center in Hungary, it is present in 14 countries, one of the largest telematic providers in Europe. Their development center is located in Fot and Szeged. The telematic system developed by the company is based on a satellite navigation system that allows transport companies to receive current and regular feedback on the position, consumption and parameters of their fleets set during programming.

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