Thursday , August 11 2022

Western European markets are closed in the minus


The FTSE100 index in London was 0.73 percent, with DAKS-30 in Frankfurt with 1.79 percent, and the Cac-40 index in Paris fell by 0.93 percent.

EuroStokk50 closed trading on Monday with a 1.11% drop in the eurozone aggregate.

In Europe, no significant market power was recorded on Monday.

The availability of investors has worsened the debate between Italy and the European Commission due to the budget plan of 2019. At the end of October, the European Commission rejected the Italian budget plan and changed time until November 13 to meet previous EU recommendations and Roman obligations.

Concern was further exacerbated by the weakness of the Italian banking sector. On Monday, trading in Carige Bank's shares was suspended Monday after reports from reports that it would take 400m euros to compensate for the lack of capital.

Among the big companies, SAP and Infineon are significantly mined by rumors about investors. According to analysts' estimates, Kualtrics's consumer price monitoring is at a high price, and demand for Infineon's products is also worrying by investors.

Monday's loss was the tobacco industry in addition to the technology sector. The shares of tobacco stocks responded to the news that the United States is preparing to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. The news has been hit by the action of British American Tobacco, the trade price has closed to more than 10.5 percent.

Oil prices rose sharply Monday, after the Saudi Arabian energy ministry announced that the decline in global demand, according to the OPEC and its partners' estimates, justifies a reduction in production per million barrels per day.

At the end of the European stock market, the price of Brent North Sea Brenta per barrel costs 79 cents per barrel, $ 70.97.

At the same time, the DJIA index of 30 leading industrial companies on the New York Stock Exchange was 1.55 percent, while the S & P500 index, which covered a wider range of stocks, was 1.30 percent down, while Nasdak Composite Indek of Technologi papers released a decline of 2, 09 percent.

The price of gold per ounce fell by 0.18 percent to $ 2.20 to $ 1204.20.

On the international interbank foreign exchange market, they sold $ 1,1251 for one euro after $ 1,1266 in the afternoon in four hours.


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