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With anti-Romanesque discovery, I'm going to Hungary


November 18, 2018 17:38

According to Romini's opposition to the politicization of the Npi Movement Prt (PMP), the Hungarian government banned the participation of Roma schools in Hungary to participate in the event organized by Hungarian Roma organizations on Saturday for the great centenary of great Roma singing.

Based on the experience of PMP Eugene Tomac, we are working at the giulafehrvri festival, saying that Mediafak and Agerpres made a mistake. He said that Giulafehrr was a member of the alpolgrmestervel at the Hungarian Roma event, which would undermine Roma identities, but could not get a reward because they could not appear at the event. According to Eugene Tomac, teachers of the Roman school in Hungary told me at the Đula event every time they were warned that they would be tempted to go to their Roman centenary events.

The Prime Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Finance pledged to the Hungarian government a primitive accuracy, brutal anti-Romanesque tactics and decided to resign to the Roma hospital Srgs.

The politician was surprised that Hungary respected the Romani Hungarians in Romanija, but with "Primitive Retaliation" against the Roman minority in Hungary. "Do not be afraid that Romanian schools in Romania will be banned from taking part in events organized at the Hungarian festival in Romania. Those who respect should respect the events," said Eugen Tomac, who was with Trian Basescu the opposition of the opposition Npi movement Prtot.

At the beginning of the week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova announced the publication of Foaia Romaneasco in the Romanian version of the Hungarian language and organized a conference on local politics in Giulafar on November 17 in Erkel. According to a report by the journalist, "the Hungarian fraudster becomes a great person and role of the Romanian army in liberating Bolivian troops in Alia," according to journalists, diplomats, Roman civilians and civil organizations, as well as Hungarian Roma. In the pre-announced program, there was also a nnepsg, in which Eudokiu Hurmuzachi Intzet was a member of the Roma nation of Roma and Roma representatives.


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