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"Without Battleborn, Borderlands 3 would not be so good!"


Scott Kester, a gear box artistic director of Metro GameCentral He said the rival (and no) of the Overwatch game played an important role Borderlands 3 development

"Well, so a [Borderlands] 1 and 2 were essentially one after the other. I worked in both games and in the end we are tired. So we asked him if we had to do another? And we did not want it. We wanted to pause because if it did not, we could not do something good.

With the beautiful 2K we could say that we want to try this Battleborn. We wanted to have a new one, so we try this new thing. We did it and … well, if we had not done it, it would not be as good as Borderlands 3 now. [A Battleborn] We started to think a little differently. I have been working on this game for more than four years. It's been a long time developing. After completing Battleborn, I immediately started working on it. It was not for us [a Borderlands 3 fejlesztése]To start the game as fast as possible (for players in the market), but to do well, go out and spend time, "said Kester.

Kester also talked about things about DLC: "We are planning [a Borderlands 3] Support after the publication, but as we did before, so if it is a game-like service … but some other games do not have a great end-game content, but we believe in the second and third play. What do we believe in the Mayhem mode, which drastically adjusts many things … how hard do you want the game to play during the second and third passages? There is a ranking of Guardians that … if you play the game once, you will open a new system of skill trees. The end of our game is deep and we want people to play continuously. We are also planning DLCs: we have previously published significant and "fleshy" DLCs and we want to continue. Therefore, if it is a service similar to the game, we will continue this, but we did not say so, "added Kester.

the Borderlands 3 PlayStation 4away, Xbox Oneto i personal computerat the Epic Games store on September 13th.

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