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Women's Handball – Qualifications for the World Cup Qualifiers in the Hungarian Cup Sport – football, handball, basketball | Gior-Moson-Sopron


At the beginning of the match, goals were reduced in 10 minutes to 4-4. Later, MKC, without Tilinger Tamara and Zana Marics, fought several goals at the head, thanks to the excellent defense Andree Scholtz, solid defense and precise finishes. Robert Bognar scored a goal even in an unfavorable position, which did not defeat his hand. In vain, the huge Fehervar frame and excellent legion players did not have anti-stable games of the Mosonmagirovara player. In the first half, Barbara Kopecz and Kimi Giimesi were eliminated from home, which also led to 14-12. Mosonmagiarovar continued to grow in the second match. In the 39th minute, 19 to 15, and forty-two, 22 to 16. Fidesz brothers play Bogija six, the river scored four goals. Fehervar tried to keep it, but this was prevented by the defense of Gubik's. Everyone in the field added impeccable performance. The match was repeatedly attacked by the ICC that two veterans and two drivers were on the ground simultaneously for many injuries.

The Mosonmagiarovara ladies' gloves did not shake in their hair while the White House caught three goals. Then came the moments of Domoxos Dalmas who decided to match. Eu-Fire Mosonmagiarovar won his opponent for 29-23, entering into eight Hungarian Cups.

Eu-Fire Mosonmagiarovar-Alba Fehervar KC 29-23 (14-12)

UFM Arena 800 spectators

JV.: Horvath P., Marton B.

MKC: Scholtz – Kovacsicz 2, Giimesi 1, Bardi, FARKAS 4 (2), Kopecz 3 (1), M. Toth Substitution: GOUBIC (Goalkeeper), HORVATH B. 3, BISTIAN B. 6, BISIS R. 4), VUKČEVIĆ 2, DOMOKOS 4, Marczi. Manager: Bognar Robert

Fehervar: Giorkos – Nascimento 5 (1), GORSENIINA 6, Zsilinszkajte 3, Boldizsar, Mendi 3, Szarka. Substitution: Mistina (Goalkeeper), Temes 3 (2), Stankovics, Pelczeder 2, Majer 1, Rozsas. Manager: Parts of Rita

Seven meters: 5/4, respectively. 4/3

Exhibitions: 6 minutes or 2 minutes

Robert Bognar, head coach of Eu-Fire Mosonmagiarovar: "The girls in the match today made perfect performances, and they were very focused for a whole week and despite the many difficulties they could win. In the first half, our two key players, Kitti Giimesi, were injured and Barbara Kopecz began to drown. The players in the field had a great heart. It was always a man who added something to the difficult moments of our game: defense, ball, rocked seventeen. Fehervar is a great team, so this is the perfect weapon we went ahead. "

Deli Rita, head coach Alba Fehervar: "Unfortunately, we did not expect this in all aspects of the game, but I was disappointed because I expected more from the team, nothing came to us in this match, and the home team fought against the big one." Mosonmagiarovar earned, and domestic drums added. "

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